Two Great Days of Cartoons and Laughter: "Mizahfest 2017"
Mar 07, 2017

Mizahfest 2017, organized by the İTÜ Humor Club brought together students and important names in caricature, cartoons and comedy arts. The event, held February 28-March 1, 2017 at the Ayazağa Campus, spoke to students with the participation of cartoonists and caricaturists from different magazines.

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On the first day of the festival, Cem Güventürk and Serkan Yilmaz started the conversation. Güventürk, who came together with the young people, compared the humor of the 90s with the humor of the present while sharing with the students how he entered the world of illustration talking about his past works. In addition, he gave important advice for those who want to improve themselves in the field of illustration. Güventürk stated that it was essential to work hard to be a good cartoonist and stated that humor magazines should not be abandoned the readers of the new generation of cartoonists and readers can be reached. With the second presentation of the day, Serkan Yilmaz took the stage. Besides illustration, Yılmaz, also known for his decorative, technical and design-oriented objects, which he attains through interesting mechanisms; he spoke of the tricks of his work in this field. The audience experienced Yilmaz's discoveries thanks to a fast-motion cinematic demonstration. The cartoonist left a mark on the festival with a short stand-up demonstration following his presentation.

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The second day of the event saw caricaturist Emrah Ablak and the Open Microphone stand-up team take the stage. Emrah Ablak took students on a short journey from the works he has done in magazines thus far, to team members he has worked together with, to his own adventures in illustration.

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About Cem Güventürk, Serkan Yılmaz, and Emrah Ablak

Cem Güventürk, who continues his career in Penguen Magazine, is also known by his book "Because There is a Meaning". Serkan Yilmaz, who also illustrates for Penguin magazine, is known for his stand-up shows in addition to being a cartoonist.

Emrah Ablak, who started to illustrate in Avni Magazine, reaches a sizeable audience through his work in Dıgıl, Fos, Parazit, biber; HBR Maymun, L-Manyak, Lombak, Kemik, and Penguen magazines. Ablak continues his work in the weekly humor magazine, Uykusuz.

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