Marks That Hit the Target from our Archery Club
Mar 09, 2017

Our university, which has developed its versatile young people by integrating their accumulation in technical fields with activities in culture, arts and sports, has added a new achievement. Our Archery Club participated in the Istanbul University Intercollegiate Archery Tournament held at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University on March 4th placing in all 4 categories at the tournament attended by 13 universities.

okculuk-kulubu (3)

Here, according to the competition categories are our students who placed in the rankings at the Istanbul University Intercollegiate Archery Tournament:

Classic Archery Men's Category - 1st in Istanbul - Yusuf Tolunay Kozan from our Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department.

Classic Archery Men’s Category - 3rd in Istanbul - Nurullah Talha Görüş of our Electrical Engineering Department

Classic Archery Women's Category 3rd in Istanbul - Ece Aras from our Industrial Engineering Department

Classic Archery Men’s Category 2nd Place in Istanbul - Yusuf Tolunay Kozan, Nurullah Talha Görücü, and from our Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department, Erkin Külah.

Classic Archery Women’s Category 1st Place in Istanbul - Ece Aras, from our Department of Business Engineering, Elifnur Önder and from the Polymer Science and Technology Department of our Institute of Graduate Studies in Science Engineering and Technology, Elif Gürsel

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In addition to our students who placed in the top three, Mustafa Selvi of our Mechanical Engineering Department came in fourth place in Istanbul at the Classic Archery Men’s Category. On behalf of the ITU Family, we congratulate our students who have performed so well in this competition and wish them continued success.