We Marked March 8th International Women’s Day
Mar 09, 2017

As the ITU Family, we marked an event celebrated around the world, March 8th International Women's Day, as a special event held at our university. The event organized by our Rectorate at the Ayazağa Campus was attended by our Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, many of our academics and administrative staff, as well as our vice rector, general secretary and general secretary assistants.

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In the opening speech he made, our Rector noted that, gender discrimination was at the very top of social problems in the world, and that women actually wanted equality beyond positive discrimination. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca also noted that this equality is not yet fully realized in our country as it is in the world.

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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca: "The rate of female employment in our university is not low."

Our Rector, who shared important statistics about women who work and study in our university and in our country, added that the number of women working in the engineering field is low. Emphasizing that currently there has been a serious increase in the number of female students in our university, our Rector stated that, according to 2016 data, 52.5% of the students in our country are male and 47.5% are female, with a total of 7 million 277 thousand students comprised of 3 million 345 thousand women. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca pointed out that the ratio of women working in the field of science is 78%, in medicine and health it’s 63% and agriculture and food it’s 45%, emphasizing that this ratio drops to 24% for engineering. He then shared the view that this data meant that only one out of every four people working in engineering is a woman, and that this number should increase.

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The Rector, who also discussed statistics on women working in our university, shared the following: "There are 296 male and 187 female professors working at our university; 150 of the associate professors are male, 116 are female, and finally 204 of the assistant professors are male and 139 are female. So we have a total of 1326 male and 1072 female academics. When we evaluate these figures proportionally, we see that 55% of the academics in our university are male and 45% are female. We have to admit that this is not really a bad figure. When we look at the number of administrative staff, there are 750 men and 530 women."

After the Rector’s speech, a video message was broadcast by theater and cinema actress Demet Akbağ, who spoke to the İTÜ family. The event ended with a viewing of the "Government Woman - 1" film starring the actress and a reception in the foyer area.