We Ranked Among the Top 50 in Mining and First in "Engineering and Technology" in Turkey in the QS World Rankings by Subject
Mar 09, 2017

The “QS World Rankings by Subject”, one of the world's most respected university rankings, was released in 2017. In the list of 3,098 universities of which 4438 were evaluated and 1117 were listed, 127 million citations were analyzed, corresponding to over 18900 programs. Our university ranked first in the field of engineering and technology among universities in Turkey in the QS World Rankings by Subject. According to this year's ranking, our university is among the "World's Elite Institutions" in 11 of 46 disciplines. Our university ranked 242nd in the general category of Engineering & Technology, where ranking was based on the technical sciences of our university, and it was ranked 321st in the field of "Natural Sciences". In the subcategories of the ranking, our university is located in the 101-150 band in the field of "Architecture & Built Environment" and in the 101-150 band in the field of "Earth and Marine Sciences", "Mineral and Mining", taking the 31st place and taking the first step toward the ultimate goal of "placing in the top 50 in all sections in the QS Rankings".


Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca: "We will place higher the QS ranking."

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca who expressed his views on the rankings, reminded us that it’s ITU’s priority to carry out the mission of achieving firsts as a research university. Our Rector stated that the effectiveness of our university’s strong and renowned international staff have contributed to the distance gained by our university and he pointed out that ITU would find a spot in the ongoing "specialization university" trend in the world, especially its distinction in the field of engineering. Underlining the aim of being the "institution that continuously ranks in the first 50 in the field of engineering and technology" on the 250th anniversary of our university, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca emphasized that what is really meaningful is not a fast, but a self-confident and steady rise.


Congratulating our Mining Faculty for placing in the top 50 in the QS World Rankings, our Rector explained his opinions on the QS ranking as follows: "I think we should be among those much higher in the ranking, and there is more than enough potential for this in our university. We are working to get better results and I believe we will see their output soon. Climbing higher requires a long-term plan, so it is not possible to suddenly reach this goal in a short time. In this type of ranking, we can jump at least 50 to 100 steps even with minor actions. Nevertheless, I do not think we're in the place we should be. We have a chance to enter the top 100 in the QS World University Rankings. It is true that we have reached the steps we want in some departments but I do not see this as enough for our university and I think that this achievement should reach more departments."

On behalf of the ITU Family, we congratulate the Mining Faculty for their achievement of placing in the top 50 of these rankings. We share the QS World Rankings by Subject ranking for our university, by academic field, in the table below.

We congratulate and thank our academics and departments who have achieved this success in our university.

The QS Rankings by Subject 2017 results are available on the following website: