Software Skills Competed in "Software Marathon ‘17”
Mar 10, 2017

University students competed in Software Marathon'17 organized by the IEEE ITU Student Computer Society study group on March 4-5. Participants took part in the competition as individuals or as a team of undergraduate, bachelors, masters or PhD students, regardless of their department. For two days, twenty-five teams who passed the pre-screening phase online responded to questions prepared by the Computer Society study group. In the competition, teams tried to score points by solving the specified problem and writing a program that would generate the correct output with given inputs using a language of their choosing, C, C ++, C #, java, Python2, Python3 or Haskell.

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On the first day of the event, 25 finalists attended the seminars organized by industry leading companies Erstream and SevenBridges and on the second day by Garanti Technology and Türk Telekom. At the end of the seminars, a tablet computer was presented to 3 people in a raffle. In the exciting finale of the competition, contestants tried to solve the final ETU questions jointly prepared by the IEEE ITU Student Computer Society and the sponsor companies. Competitors who tried to solve difficult questions measuring their knowledge and their versatility, aimed to enter the top 3 along with the points they collected throughout the event. Unlike previous years, teams were given a "real time problem" in this year's final. The teams that solved the problem, placing in the top 3, received prizes. The first place team members received Apple Macbook Pros, second place team members were awarded with an Apple iPad Mini 4 each and the third place team members were given Vestel VENUS V3 model smartphones.

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Every year, the "Software Marathon" event brings together talented young people and companies in the field of software. Organized by the IEEE ITU Student Club this year, the event is the biggest event of its kind in Turkey.

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The teams that have entered the rankings in the Software Marathon '17 contest are as follows:

First team: Mustafa Erdem Kirez (TOBB Economics and Technology University) and Ömer Eren (İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University)
Second team: Alperen Yakut, Buğrahan Şahin and Halil Ozan Akgül (Bosphorus University)
Third team: Onur Yıldız (TOBB ETU), Semih Basrık and Burak Yüksel (Bosphorus University)

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