Bilateral Agreement in Textile Field with North Carolina State University
Mar 15, 2017

We continue to develop our international partnerships with bilateral agreements with universities abroad. Our Textile Technology and Design Faculty has signed a protocol agreement with the North Carolina State University (NCSU) Textile Faculty in the United States for implementation of a 3 + 1 Master's Program in Textile Engineering. Through this formal step-by-step program, our undergraduate students will have the opportunity to learn textile engineering in a year at the institution, one of the world's best and most respected textile engineering faculties in terms of academic opportunities and research infrastructures. This way, our students studying in this area will have invested in their future careers today by enriching their academic accumulation and by being exposed to a different culture.


How does the program work and what does it cover?

Under the framework of the signed agreement, our students who have completed three full academic years (six semesters) in our Textile Engineering Undergraduate Program and two additional course semesters under the Global Training Certificate Program at NCSU will be awarded a Textile Engineering undergraduate degree from the NCSU Textile Faculty; these students will also be able to enroll in a postgraduate program at the NCSU Textile School provided they meet the requirements.

Students enrolled in the 3 + 1 Master's Program will receive two separate degrees, one undergraduate from the Department of Textile Engineering and the other from the North Carolina State University.