Successful Business Women Inspire Youth
Mar 21, 2017

At the "ITU Women in Business" event organized by the ITU Economy Club consisting of students from the Economics Department, business women who have made a name for themselves, met with young people. The event which took place in our Management Faculty at our Maçka campus was attended by TEB Women's Banking Sara Hepşen, Payu Marketing Manager Gaye Ör, TAV Holding Vice President (CFO) Burcu Geriş, Neuro-mar Founder and Neuropsarians Strategist Seda Genç, PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) Turkey Auditing Services Partner Beste Gencümen, actress Serenay Sarıkaya, founding member of OPET Board Nurten Öztürk and METRO Cash & Carry CFO Sinem Türüng.

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Sara Hepşen was the first speaker at the event moderated by Hazal Ayaşan. Addressing participants with her speech titled "The Place of Women in Turkey’s Economy", Hepşen emphasized the importance of self-confidence in business life. She shared the difficulties and experiences she experienced in professional life with the participants and underlined that doing what you like will increase your chances of success. In her speech, TAV Holding Vice-Chairwoman (CFO) Burcu Geriş said that students should not be afraid to draw a new route when they realize that the area they are studying is inappropriate. Geriş stressed that it is more crucial to know what you want to do instead of worrying about being late.

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From the other speakers of the event, neuro-marketing strategist Seda Genç stated that if people believe what they want to do, they can accomplish everything, but the secret underlying their success is "to combine their experience in brand management, digital marketing and marketing communication with their knowledge in the field of neuromarketing."

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Serenay Sarıkaya: “Hold on tight to your dreams”

The actor Serenay Sarıkaya, whom we often hear about with her television series, commercials and feature films, also met with young people. The famous actress who said that she always pursues her dreams in business life shared her thoughts with these words: "The most important step to achieving success is to set a target for yourself and hold on to your dreams tightly. The other important part is, of course, acting on it. If you have a dream, you should have confidence in yourself. The first step is to be confident. Know that everything is in your hands and trust yourself. "

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Nurten Öztürk, one of the prominent guests of the Summit, leaving a teaching job to be founder of the first domestic oil company, OPET, was also actively involved. Pointing out the importance of winning people over and working together, Öztürk underlined that women and men should walk together, not separately. The last speaker of the event, METRO Cash & Carry CFO Sinem Türüng stated that knowing a foreign language plays a key role as international business connections increase day by day. Türüng emphasized that the experiences she gained abroad over the years have raised the bar for success and added that training people is very important.