Admirers of Flavor and Food Presentation Met at this Summit
Mar 22, 2017

The Kitchen Summit ‘17, organized this year for the fourth time, was home to numerous photographs of flavors from Turkey and around the world, talks on various food cultures, and fun conversations with the chefs bringing these great flavors to the table. At the event organized annually by the ITU Gastronomy Club, foodies of all ages and professions, came together at the Mustafa Kemal Auditorium located in our Maçka campus between March 13 and 15.

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The opening speech was made by Kaan Akın, Chairman of the ITU Gastronomy Club, on the first day of the seminar continuing with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zeynep Parlar's presentation entitled "Gastronomy, from Past to Present". After the presentations, the results of the contest "Catch the Flavor 2017", with close to 1000 photograph entries, were announced.

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Judges Prof. Dr. Murat Şen, Erkin Ön and Mehmet Ates picked Peri Sarper for the first place prize and Merve Göboğa for the second. In third place was Caner Çam. The photos for this year’s competition were exhibited at the event under the theme "The Color of Flavor".

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The second day of the event started with "between bread" tastes. In the sandwich contest, which was held for two rounds with four teams of four people each, the most delicious and best presented sandwiches were selected, accompanied by Chef Cenk Akaya from the USLA Academy and workshop chief, Chef Can Aras. The jury awarded winners with gift checks in varying amounts according to their success. Throughout the day, Gökmen Sözen and our surprise guests, Maximilian Thomae and Midpoint R & D Coordinator Rıza Belenkaya, as well as Kaan Sakarya, Derin Arıbaş and Süleyman Dilsiz, added color to the event with their presentations.

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The last day of the event started with the presentation of Dilek Yörük's "Seed Permaculture and Sustainability". After Ms Yörük, Selda Güleç, who delivered an interesting presentation, organized a workshop focused on "raw food", which has been based on many years of history. On the last day of the event, Ismet Saz, Tuba Şatana and Mehmet Gürs talked about their professional experiences along with presentations by Chef Sinan Bakkaloğlu and Tadım Atelier's founder Atakan Aya.

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In addition to the three-day event, nine symposiums and two workshops were held. Alongside famous names in the food sector in our country such as Arda Türkmen, Murat Bozok and Refika Birgül, several invited guests participated in Kitchen Summit '17 with sessions by celebrity chefs, restaurant owners, and brand managers sharing their experiences, career journeys, and branding processes. Important information about cooking and presentation techniques were conveyed to spectators using visualizations. At this summit where gastronomy students in Turkey gather together, Cihan Kıpçak, Danilo Zalla, Ömür Akkor, Fatih Güllü, Ece Zaim and Adnan ÖztÜrk, who have wide audiences in the area of food, addressed students from the stage.

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