Our Alum Prof. Dr. Tayfun Babadağlı Met With Students
Mar 24, 2017

We hosted our alumnus, Professor. Dr. Tayfun welcomed Babadağlı, who has achieved great success abroad and continues his academic career at the University of Alberta in Canada. At the event, Dr. Babadağlı shared his experiences during his career with the participants, stating that being “of ITU” doesn’t end with graduation, that our graduates are part of the ITU Family, who achieve important work in academic life with their knowledge and experience.

Tayfun Babadagli (3)

Dr. Babadağlı, one of the most prominent names in his field, met with academics and students in the event organized by the Eurasian Earth Sciences Institute at the Faculty of Mines. Our graduate imparted important information to the students of the Faculty of Mines, giving them a broader perspective with his talk titled "Moving in the Complex Natural Fractures of the Earth: Defining the Mystery Through Fractal Geometry". Dr. Tayfun Babadağlı indicated that he was proud of the success of our students and of the contributions our university had made to the world of science, emphasizing that the biggest step in a career path is that of self-development. Underlining that developments in Turkey and in the world should be closely monitored, the academic added that it is very pleasant to meet ITU graduates like himself in many places.

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Prof. Dr. Tayfun Babadağlı: "Successful studies can be carried out with oil producing countries."

In his presentation, Dr. Babadağlı demonstrated studies on oil by sharing a video of how the oil was produced in Turkey and around the world with the participants. Especially focusing on Saudi Arabia, Russia, USA, Iran, Iraq, China, Oman and Canada, our alumnus shared his views on Turkey's relations with oil producing countries with the following: “"Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain have universities that have improved themselves in petroleum research. In addition, the oil companies in these countries have their own research centers. At this point, the facilities of Arab countries can be brought to Turkey and jointly successful studies can be made. Thus new employment areas can emerge."

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In his seminar, Dr. Babadağlı focused on how to understand how complex systems in nature are developed and how their distribution is expressed numerically. One of the most striking aspects of the seminar was the development of fractal-fracture systems and the relationships between these systems using percolation theory and fractal geometry methods, which are widely used in statistics. The presentation also focused on constant coefficients and equations which could explain fractal features and the importance of the scale connection, the migration of oil within the ground, and the migration between fracture systems. Following his presentation, Dr. Babadağlı answered questions from the participants.

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Who is Prof. Dr. Tayfun Babadağlı?

Professor Dr. Tayfun Babadağlı graduated from the Department of Petroleum Engineering in 1983 and continued his career after obtaining a Master’s Degree from the same department. He then graduated with a PhD from the University of Southern California, specializing in heterogeneous and fractured reservoir modeling fluid and heat flow, reservoir characterization with stochastic and fractal methods, optimization of oil and heavy oil recovery with conventional-unusual EOR methods, and carbon dioxide storage studies. Having been chosen an SPE Distinguished Instructor in 2013-14, he was further appointed an SPE Distinguished Member in 2013. Our academic is continuing his career as a professor in the Department of Construction and Environmental Engineering of the School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Alberta. He is also the NSERC Industrial Research Director for the Unconventional Oil Recovery Unit of this institution.