We Took Part in the Eurasia Higher Education Summit
Mar 27, 2017

The Eurasian Higher Education Summit (EURIE), the third largest education summit in the world, was held in Istanbul this year on March 22-24. The summit held at Lütfi Kırdar International Congress and Exhibition Hall attracted about 100 universities, including ours. More than 2000 experts from the Rector, and Vice-Rector to academics and representatives from the international education sector participated in the event, with 200 stands to visit as well as 25 parallel panels and seminars. At the Summit, which is of great importance in terms of education, international education policies, student exchange programs, and training strategies of the region were discussed and steps were taken for new co-operation through bilateral talks.


Academicians from 52 countries from different parts of the world attended the summit including Switzerland, Canada, The People's Republic of China, Qatar, The United States, Hungary, Germany, Kosovo, The United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Moldova, Malaysia, The Russian Federation, France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan and Peru. 33 panels were held during the summit and 75 speakers presented seminars. The opening speech was given by the Minister of National Education, Ismet Yılmaz; other notable speakers included Culture and Tourism Minister, Nabi Avcı, Secretary General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Hamad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Kawari, Marcello Scalisi, President of the Union of Mediterranean Universities (UNIMED), Professor at Glasgow University, Michael Osborne, and Douglas Franklin from the University of Ohio.

National Education Minister Ismet Yılmaz: "We are focusing on the specialization of universities."

In his opening speech, National Education Minister, Ismet Yilmaz, emphasized the importance Turkey places on education noting that the biggest share in the central government’s budget is allocated to this area. The Minister pointed out that 122 billion TL has been allocated to national training this year, and that we rank just below Europe and Russia in terms of number of university students. Yılmaz said that this situation should make us proud, adding that there is emphasis on specialization among universities and an attempt to be more open to outside audits. National Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz summed up his thoughts with the following words: "Although a Quality Association has been established, we want to make this institution an administratively and financially autonomous structure. Our primary goal at this point is to provide higher quality education. "


European Union Central Office Expert, Emel Kanbur, stated that visitors to our university’s stand wanted to get information about the agreements that could be made under KA107. Kanbur also said that this point was taken into account and that the exchange of information needed to make agreements with these institutions was realized. Kanbur said that the greatest contribution of the Summit to our university was the establishment of a foundation upon which new professional connections could be cerated.