Meeting of Those Who Change the World with Good: The ITU Volunteer Summit
Mar 30, 2017

Our Volunteer Club, which has shown that a better world is possible with the projects it has carried out, brought together volunteers at the Volunteers Summit, for those who want to touch hearts with small gestures and change lives with goodness. This theme of this year’s event, organized at our Ayazağa Campus on March 24th, was discrimination; discriminatory practices, attitudes and behaviors seen in the business world, in education, in sports, and in society were discussed as subheadings in the context of the views of experienced guests in the field.


Bosphorus University Lecturer Dr. Melike Acar who participated in the event with her speech titled "Discrimination in Education", addressed the concept of discrimination in different ways. Our speaker, who wanted the audience to describe themselves in two sentences, stated that the answers to the questions "who am I, who am I not?" would play a key role in determining this. Noting that many people discriminate in their daily and professional lives without even being aware, the researcher stated that overcoming this problem would be possible if all forms of educational environments existed without claiming superiority over each other and with a structure that students can take advantage of at the highest level. Dr. Acar also responded to questions from the students and added that the concept of education should be transformed into a pluralistic and democratic school movement without being reduced to technical educational practices.

Another speaker at the Summit, Doğuş Holding Human Resources Department Head Ebru Esmen Mete spoke to the audience with her speech titled "Discrimination in the Business World". Describing the problems that can be encountered in business life, Mete emphasized the difficulties women face in the wrok force and emphasized what should be done to solve these problems. Also speaking at the event, Anadolu Efes Sports Club Executive Director Alper Yılmaz pointed out discrimination in sports while ROTA Development Consultancy Trainer Tuğba Kaplan addressed discrimination from the community point of view and shared her views on this point.

Volunteers of Leukemia Foundation (LÖSEV), Tohum Autism Foundation, Science Heroes Association, Tik Tourette’s Syndrome Volunteers, and Foster Family Information stands welcomed participants in the foyer area during the summit with the aim of improving volunteer awareness and reaching new volunteers.