Our Children Will Grow Together With the Trees
Apr 04, 2017

The trees in the Ayazağa Campus Residences will now grow together with the children.

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Our university has undertaken a very significant social responsibility project within the scope of the Green Campus project. Residents of the Ayazağa Campus Residences, who strive every day to become a green, livable, aesthetic and sustainable settlement, granted ownership of the trees in this area to their children. Families who wrote the names and surnames of their children on a plaque in front of each tree, then proceeded to take care of the trees along with their children.

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ITU Ayazağa Campus Residences Manager Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huseyin Toros, Ali Pamuk and many other families participated in the event, where children between 0-16 years old were each assigned a tree: plum, apple, cherry, pear, linden, or pine. Older children were informed about how to take care of the trees. At the event which garnered a lot of attention from the families, from 6-month old baby Peren to 11-year-old Raşit Batu Bayraktar, children of every age now have a tree to grow together with. Raşit Batu Bayraktar, who said that he wanted to plant a tree for each of his ages, was one of the best examples of the purpose of organizing the event.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hussein Toros: "We aim to imbue each child with a love of trees and nature."

Accompanying the families at the event, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hussein Toros stated that in this meeting, the aim was to imbue each child with a love of trees and nature and that the interest shown was very important. Stating that this way, not only are neighborhood relations strengthened but that children come together in nature, Dr. Toros added that children of the Residences will be given one hour of tree and plant care training each Saturday. Our faculty member also invited everyone residing in the Residences on campus to attend the next event which will be held next week.

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