High School Students Competed With Their Projects
Apr 05, 2017

During the 48th High School Student Research Projects Istanbul European Regional Competition, organized by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), the works of high school students competed as visitors to the Reginal Exhibition section, examined the projects participating in the competition.

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The 48th High School Student Research Projects Istanbul Europe Regional Competition and Regional Exhibition organized by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), was held on the Ayazağa Campus of our university. 750 different projects in 12 categories including biology, geography, values education, physics, chemistry, coding, mathematics, psychology, sociology, history, technological design, Turkish language, and literature took part in the competition. At the end of the exhibition, a prize ceremony was held for the students who placed in the European Regional Competition.

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The TUBITAK 48th High School Students Research Project Competition Istanbul - European Regional Coordinator, Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ozkol stated that competitions and similar events organized by TUBITAK played an important role in educating future scientists in the information age, where communication and scientific development are rapidly advancing. Dr. Özkol then shared information on the evaluation process of the exhibited projects and the selection criteria for the finalists that will be sent to the exhibition to be held in Ankara.

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Second place success from our ITU Development Foundation School students

ITU Development Foundation Private Ekrem Elginkan High School students Nazlı Güven and Çağla Koçak took second place in the field of mathematics with their work titled "Studying the Relationship Between Surface Areas of Irregular Tetrahedrons". From the same school, our student, Eda Sansel Üstün participated in the contest with her project titled "Investigating the authenticity of PAP Smear Tests using Bayes Theorem".

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Nitrate-containing fertilizer alternative: Non-exploding fertilizer

The "Non-exploding Fertilizer" study was one of the most prominent projects among the many projects on display. Tekirdağ Ebru Nayim Science High School students Fatih Baskın and Melike Karaman, who participated in the competition for biology, focused on the production of non-exploding organic fertilizer. This fertilizer, which could be an alternative to chemical fertilizers containing nitrate, would ensure that soil will be transferred to future generations in a healthy manner meanwhile an important risk posing a threat to the country's safety would be removed.

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Nature friendly fishing with “ghost nets”

Bahçeşehir College students Eymen Keşküş and Mert Cihantimur's "Ghost Nets Dissolve, Life Continues" project was among the prominent works of the competition. Drawing attention to the importance of fisheries in our country, which is a peninsula, the project has taken off from the idea that a fish net that can be dissolved in water can make a significant contribution to this area. For this reason, surgical thread was chosen as the most suitable material for this nature-friendly net that could quickly be dissolved in water. When determining the best material to be used for the nets, it was determined that the most accurate and desired results could be achieved with chromic catgut. It was observed that the net which emerged in the project could dissolve and disperse in water in a shorter period of time than the nets currently being used in Turkey and around the world so that fishermen could increase their hunting productivity while sustaining sea life and removing the need for the government to maintain a large budget for this issue.

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Who is this litterateur?

İstanbul İstek Private Bilge Kagan Anatolian High School students Selin Levi and Eylül Ulusoy, who wanted to make their literature lessons more fun, entered the competition with their project titled "Who Is This Litterateur?", where high school students could learn about the poets and authors in the curriculum using literary themed flash cards. Thus, students can learn while enjoying their literature lessons.

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