We met with Prospective Students at the Career Fair
Apr 05, 2017

Our university was at the Istanbul Education and Career Fair, bringing together prospective students and young people who will be entering the business world.

The Istanbul Education and Career Fair, organized at the Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center on March 30-31 saw leading universities, international universities, foreign language education consultants, language schools, educational publishers and sector representatives meeting with leading companies in the business world.

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At the fair, young people were given important clues about their education and the business world they would be entering after their education in organized panels and seminars given by rectors, academics, training specialists, company representatives, HR specialists, and professional groups. In the panel titled Appropriate Decision Making for University and Profession Selection, moderated by ITU Admissions Office Coordinator Dilek Görgüç, ITU Ginova President Prof. Dr. Şebnem Burnaz, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Coordinator Cem Demirbaş, founder of anlatsın.com Sargın Erdoğan, and ITU Department of Industrial Engineering 2003 graduate, Founder of SHR Consultancy and talent miner Ebru Meriç Akgül participated as speakers.

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The "A day at ITU" project starts

The moderator of the session, Dilek Görgüç, directed the questions of prospective students to the speakers, removing any doubts the students may have had. Görgüç also shared her views on the subject after the panel. Our Admissions Office coordinator cautioned that among the students preparing for university, the number of those who were able to make a clear decision in the selection of their department decreased in number. She stated that students had a tendency to ignore their own ideals while striving to attain their goals and that only later in life did they realize that the profession they had chosen was not suitable for them. She summarized her words with these words: “"Students should always investigate whether colleges and departments are suitable for them before making their choice. As Istanbul Technical University, we await all prospective students to join our university. For this reason, we are starting our 'A Day at İTÜ' project for our young people who will enter YGS and LYS in 2018. We are open to prospective students who want to study in many different fields such as engineering, architecture, conservatory, industrial design and before all, who want to be 'of ITU'."

Ebru Meriç Akgül: "Get to know your interests and talents."

The founder of SHR Consultancy and talent miner Ebru Meriç Akgül emphasized the importance of selective interest and competence in her speech. Akgül underlined the fact that interests, which begin to be evident at an early age, play an important role in the selection of future careers, adding that this was one of the most important points that make a difference in a career path. Our graduate, indicating that talent is just as influential as interests, emphasized that the trick is for a person to know himself and to be aware of his talents. She also added that young people should ask themselves the questions "What are my strengths and weaknesses?” and “what are the risks I will face in the future?" in order to direct this process in a healthy way.

Prof. Dr. Şebnem Burnaz: "It's important to be wordly."

Chairman of ITU Ginova and Faculty of Business Engineering Department Professor, Dr. Şebnem Burnaz on the other hand, reminds students that they are more fortunate than previous generations when it comes to access to information, and emphasized that the process of discovering oneself has accelerating accordingly. Dr. Burnaz shared her view with these words: "The university and the department are an important decision, but it will not be the only decision in your life. In the university you will find many different areas where you will discover yourself. For this reason, it is very important that you choose the university that will provide your self-discovery. Aim to be part of a university that will provide you with many platforms that can contribute to your vision and become a more worldly person. "

Sargın Erdogan, founder of anlatsın.com also spoke on the panel, sharing with students the path that he took to establishing his own enterprise. Erdogan who established his enterprise in the his second year of university said that university is not just about going to classes and passing exams, but are environments that answer to questions "Who will be in my circle after graduation? Are they going to support my career? Will I be able to find an internship while I'm studying?" In this context, he suggested choosing a university based on these criteria. Erdoğan said: "Thinking skills are very important. Once you have decided what you want to do, you should proceed in that direction. "

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Cem Demirbaş: "Do you know yourself?"

The other speaker of the event was Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center Coordinator Cem Demirbaş. The coordinator, who said that at the time of preparation for the university, psychological state is as important as academic effort, noting that it is extremely important for the individual to identify himself / herself and decide accordingly. Demirbaş also gave examples from his work life and continued his words with: "I have noticed that companies are not only looking for scientific talent but also people who are self-realized, and who are able to bring out their full potential. I underline the importance of internalizing the awareness of the decision maker. We receive remarkable feedback from our graduates. They say that they are asked very interesting questions they had not anticipated before, that their ability to solve problems and acquire different perspectives is measured. If you are a student at university like ITU that has 160 clubs, 120 of them active, where social responsibility projects are produced, where you can benefit from internship opportunities, and where you can also represent your scientific work; this means you have acquired various competencies.”

We look forward to seeing all of the young people who attended our panel at the İstanbul Education and Career Fair at our university and wish them the privilege of being ‘of ITU’.