Hasan Saltık Bestowed with an Honorary Doctorate
Apr 06, 2017

We gave the title of "honorary doctorate" to producer Hasan Saltık, whose extensive research into unique works, requiems, and folk songs, has led us to rediscover these works that are part of Turkey’s national heritage, bringing these works together at the world's most prestigious festivals, archives, libraries and concert halls.

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The gateway of music cultures to the outside is the voice of its geography. Because of the coexistence of different cultures, as with other cultural values, the musical accumulation in Anatolia is worth a treasure. Hasan Saltık works as a music archaeologist with his research on folk music, especially bringing together rare examples of Caucasian and Balkan folk music and the works of the most important poets of Anatolia. There are also interviews with the world's important newspapers and magazines during this long journey of music, roaming from country to country for years, and with the use of collectors' archives, finding songs who were in danger of becoming obscure.

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On April 5, at a ceremony held on our Maçka Campus, we honored Hasan Saltık's work by bestowing him with an “honorary doctorate for his work in illuminating our historic musical treasures, and for his efforts to enrich our culture by increasing awareness of these musical works among the population. The title was presented to the music producer by our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca.

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Hasan Saltık: "I believe that music is unifying."

Speaking at the ceremony, our Rector explained the reason why our Senate decided to give the honorary doctorate title to Hasan Saltık with the following: “Through the albums he has released with the Kalan Music label, he has enabled National Turkish Cultural Heritage to be represented at the world's most respected festivals, archives, libraries and concert halls in large quantities, especially in academia, which is a great and valuable asset not only for the Anatolian and Ottoman geographies but also for the world’s art heritage. Thus we are giving Hasan Saltık the title of "honorary doctor" because he has succeeded in making permanent traces in mankind’s spirit world and adding the rich cultural wealth of Anatolian-oriented music, in addition to other intercontinental works to the world’s assets.”

Hasan Saltık, noted that he was extremely proud and stated that this was proof that his works are understood by being granted an honorary degree from our university, one of the most established educational institutions in Turkey. Underlining that the purpose of his studies is to reveal the richness of Anatolian culture, Saltık noted that these documents which are coming to light for the first time as a result of this research, are the future of Turkey. In addition to the records of the early nineteenth century of ney (reed) and ud (lute) masters, at the end of extensive searching, he located many photos, records, and other hidden works saying: "I believe that music is not separating but unifying. Having these cultural treasures reach society and the world makes me proud on behalf of our people, our country.”

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Following the granting of his title, two great names took the stage, Erkan Oğur and İsmail Hakkı Demircioğlu, who have been performing together for a long time on a music journey, with their songs echoing in the Mustafa Kemal Amphitheater.

A music antiquary and note anthropologist

Beginning with research in the field of music, Hasan Saltık, who pursues the tunes of Ottoman heritage, is known as a "music antiquary" who archives blended music of all the cultures on this land. As a producer, he records old compositions that he discovered in different genres from Turkish folk music to minority folk songs, Ottoman period compositions, to modern adaptations. While doing this, Saltık, who has produced works on an international scale, aims to transmit the musical richness of Anatolia to future generations.