R&D Roadmap Will be Drawn at This Summit
Apr 06, 2017

We will take part in the R & D Cooperation Summit and Exhibition, which will provide national and international cooperation for R & D projects carried out in our country.

The R & D Cooperation Summit and Exhibition, organized in order to establish the scientific, information and commercial business association groundwork for institutions and individuals in the public sector, private sector and universities in line with our national development targets, where our country's research infrastructure will be scrutinized, will be held at the Pullman Convention and Exhibition Center. The event is aimed at raising national and international awareness of R & D activities and creating new business alliance opportunities. The university will also take part in this important meeting, which will be held as a summit and an exhibition, and will exchange views on solidarity in panels and workshops where all stakeholders in the R & D field come together.

In the panel, with participation from R & D experts from national and international circles as speakers, priority R & D issues will be covered within the scope of the 10th Development Plan. The summit will also focus on new trends and approaches in R & D, funding and commercialization of R & D activities, R & D policies specific to developing countries, basic sciences, health, manufacturing, the internet, aerospace and aviation, energy, agriculture and food, automotive, transportation, and green technologies. Within the scope of the summit and exhibition, under the auspices of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, R & D work in our country will be shared with participants as a presentation. In particular, taking into consideration the ground that R & D work has gained in the world, the event will set the stage for determining the path that Turkey should follow and necessary cooperation with policies to be implemented for this.

In addition, R & D centers and universities in public institutions and the private sector will carry out publicity work on the projects they perform at stands provided to them at the R & D Cooperation Summit and Exhibition. We invite all stakeholders involved in R & D to the stands that will be set up in the event area, in this Summit which is expected to be the main platform for R & D activities that will build the future of our country.

We invite all stakeholders in R & D to the stand-by activity and activity area expected to be the main platform of R & D activities to build the future of our country.

You can find the activity program for the R & D Cooperation Summit and Exhibition panels, workshops and speeches here.