Advice for the Next Generation from Our Alum Dr. Ersin Arıoğlu
Apr 11, 2017

Yapı Merkezi Holding Chairman, our graduate Dr. Ersin Arıoğlu described what it means to be an engineer: "Engineers decide whether they have achieved efficient results or not through their calculations but more so by relying on their experience.”

Dr. Arıoğlu, who is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yapı Merkezi Holding, which is one of the two companies that provide resources to the Eurasia Tunnel project that connects the continents under the sea and is scheduled to be completed in 2023 at the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge, gave a special presentation at our Ayazağa Campus entitled "Overview of Project Management and Eurasia Tunnel.”

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Our Rector, who was among the audience listening to our graduates’ presentation, began his speech by thanking Dr. Ersin Arıoğlu for his participation and noted that everything he has done as well as his knowledge accumulation is a reflection of his multi-faceted personality.

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Dr. Ersin Arıoğlu: "Engineers empathize with everything."

Dr. Arıoğlu explained that his social position is as a "carrier system engineer" among civil engineers and his colleagues, and that it is an unspoken rule that project management is usually carried out by engineers, and emphasized that engineers are people who empathize with everything about the project and who judges of quality in every subject. He noted that success in project management was achieved through team spirit and emphasized that this spirit can be reached by passing through 7 points consisting of imagination, passion for learning, knowledge processing, creativity, aesthetic attitude, determination to complete work, and a feeling of responsibility.

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Giving examples from his work life, the Chairman of Yapı Merkezi Holding underlined that, as a company, they have signed hundreds of small and large projects in a geographical region extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean. Dr. Arıoğlu pointed out that although they have implemented countless projects, they have yet to experience a disagreement with any customers, partners, banks or similar organizations noting that underlying this success are his views on human relation, which he summed up as "We were able to look everyone in the eye as we shook their hands". In his speech, our alumnus also spoke of the great artist Mimar Sinan, stating that he believed future generations seeing these works will know the value of the effort put into them and will commemorate those that contributed to these projects. Dr. Arıoğlu wished the young people success, stating that there is a world of exciting work offering countless possibilities waiting for them and that they can easily attain success with the projects they start if they set out with human dignity and a love of their profession.