Berk Gürdoğan Entrusted with Pharma Giant
Apr 12, 2017

Pfizer, one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies, has appointed our graduate, Berk Gürdoğan, to the position of "America's Head of Essential Health", the most important department in the United States. Thus, Berk Gürdoğan will manage 10% of the company's 52 billion dollar turnover.

Our Department of Civil Engineering 1992 graduate Berk Gürdoğan, has been assigned to The Essential Health department, which is considered the most important part of Pfizer and includes injectable sterile products, American Biosimilars and American Institutional Management teams.

Gürdoğan, who started his career in the company in 1995, has held different positions in Pfizer Turkey until 2010. Over the next five years, he had been assigned as Regional Officer and have been appointed Pfizer Regional Head of Eastern Europe, responsible for 23 countries, including Turkey. Moved to New York with his family in 2015 to take on greater responsibilities. Berk Gürdoğan worked as Vice President in charge of ongoing commercial operations in a vast region covering all continental European countries, mainly England, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, as well as Turkey, Russia, Caucasia and Central Asia.

Pfizer, known for its large investments in R & D and innovation-focused work, one of the global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, was founded in the US in 1849. Today, the company is one of the most important representatives of the industry with more than 100 thousand employees in more than 150 countries and is active in the fields of cardiovascular, metabolic diseases, psychiatric and neurological diseases, infectious diseases, pain, genitourinary diseases, oncology, endocrine disorders, and rheumatic diseases. Among the countries where Pfizer is located, Turkey ranks third with 78% market share.


Berk Gürdoğan: “The most important thing is to set the right targets for ourselves.”

Sharing his views on his new position, our graduate stated that the most important aspect of a success story was to determine the right goals. Gürdoğan continued by saying that the two elements for success were to enjoy the work done, to be happy to do it, and to not give up on one’s values and principles regardless of what stage of life you are in and whichever profession you have chosen. Our graduate noted that everyone has different expectations and goals are in life and that their realization comes with not only knowing that we compete with ourselves in life, but that we should aim to achieve sustainability in jobs we are happy with and that we should spread this out over the long-term.

The successful manager, who underlines that he intends to do things that he would be proud of when he looks back on his career, said he saw the difficulties he faced as an opportunity to improve himself. Gürdoğan also added that working with more than one country is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and reach the people of those cultures, he added that working for human health is the greatest source of motivation.

Who is Berk Gürdoğan?

Berk Gürdoğan graduated from the ITU Civil Engineering Department in 1992 and received his master's degree, an Executive MBA from Koç University. Later in 1995, he joined Pfizer Turkey team where our graduate worked as a project manager, product manager, strategic planning and information manager, sales and marketing manager, corporate relations director, and business unit director in the fields of marketing, sales, strategic planning, access, health policy and public relations in the company as well as being the Regional Director for the Caucasus, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Prior to his appointment, Gürdoğan worked as the Commercial Leader for Pfizer Essential Health Europe.