ITU Clubs Association Formally Established
Apr 13, 2017

The ITU Clubs Association, officially started its role on 20 December 2016 by decision of our Senate.

Upon the advice of many, the ITU Clubs Association, which took its first steps in 2015 and was organized by club presidents or club representatives as the most active and strong club organization of Turkey, being officially established with a decision taken at the ITU Senate meeting held on 20 December 2016. As a result of the elections following the Senate decision, Harun Korkmazoğlu was chosen to head the ITU Clubs Association, Ertuğrul Sarı and Kubilay Ersin Güler will be the Culture and Arts and Remembrance Club Representatives, Burak Birinci and Hüseyin Kucukkeçeci will be Specialty Clubs, Representatives, and Ayten Betül Kahya and Serkan Aslan will be Sports Club Representatives. The selected persons started with approval by the President of the Clubs Association and the Student Activities Coordination Board of the Representatives.

Representatives who have been selected for these positions have organized the ITU Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony for the last two years together with our volunteer students and also took part in many events such as ITUFest, ITU Clubs Festival, ITU Day, ITU Preference and Presentation Days and İTÜ Registration Days.

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The ITU Clubs Association, which aims to increase communication among our student clubs, to provide cooperation in events and activities organized by student communities connected to clubs, and to strengthen the links between our students and our university, also develops projects that clubs can take part in at any stage and organizes events to increase the number of members of our clubs so that the social life on our campuses is enlivened. The Association organizes workshops on club functions and serves as an important bridge between the demands of the clubs and the authorities in our rectorate and administrative units.