Automotive R & D Facility for the ITU Campus
Apr 25, 2017

Our Rector, Prof. Dr. Karaca, who attended the Next Mobility Summit organized with the initiative of the university and İTÜ ARI Tekonkent, announced the opening of the new ARI 7 Automotive and Mobility Thematic Building.

In the event organized at the Swissotel Bosphorus, new trends in the automotive field and the future of the industry were laid out. Among the important names attending the meeting were Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Ozlu, our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, our Vice Rector Dr. İbrahim Özkol, ITU ARI Teknokent CEO Kenan Çolpan, and ITU ARI Teknokent Operations Director (COO) Gökçe Tabak in addition to sector representatives and academics.

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Faruk Özlü: “One out of four of our R & D centers works in the automotive field."

Speaking at the event, Faruk Özlü, Minister of Industry, Science and Technology, stated that the automotive sector carries out the most R & D expenditure in Turkey and that one out of every four R&D centers operates in this area. Indicating that this is an important indicator for the sector, Özlü stated that the importance of these works will increase with more accurate usage of resources and the establishment of better relations with suppliers. Noting that the technology used in the automotive sector has developed rapidly, the Minister noted that the technology used in vehicles today will not be enough tomorrow, and that 70% of the parts used today will fall to idle status in the near future.

Özlü said that in the 2030's, half of the cost of a car will be made up of electronics and software. He also expressed his enthusiasm for the ARI 7 Automotive and Mobility Thematic Building, which will be built with an investment of 85 million TL in ITU ARI Teknokent. Stating that such investments will strengthen the domestic automobile project, Özlü shared his thoughts on this issue with these words: "We attach great importance to creating a domestic automobile brand that can appeal to world markets, I believe this will happen with the contribution of the private sector and with support from the public sector."

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca: “We are building the cars of the future.”

In his speech, our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca reminded participants of the memorable scenes from the 1982 movie, Blade Runner, which depicted life in Los Angeles in the 2000s. The Rector recalled that the movie showed autonomous vehicles that could go both on land and in the air in California State, normally known for its scenery and sunny weather, is depicted as having hazy, dreary, intensely polluted air, adding that while developing cars for the future, environmental sensitivity should also be taken into consideration.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca Emphasized what an extremely important step it was to be opening the ARI 7 Automotive and Mobility Thematic Building after the opening of the Energy technopark, the first thematic technopark to be opened in the country three years ago, and thanked the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology for their great support of this project.

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Gökçe Tabak: "The facility will employ between 1000 and 1200 people.”

Another important person to speak at this notable meeting was ITU ARI Teknokent Operations Director (COO) Gökçe Tabak. Having started his presentation by saying that the automotive sector should be in constant interaction with other mobility sectors, Tabak stated that this facility to be established in ITU ARI Teknokent will be a meeting point and technology development center for the automotive sector in Turkey. He added that the plant, with an investment of 85 million TL, will be spread out in an indoor area of 32000 square meters, and will provide 1000-1200 new jobs in our country, which has a young population whose education level and technical knowledge is ever increasing. Tabak added that an R&D Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies, belonging to the university, would also be located within the facility, and that this area, established within the 7000 square meter space, would serve the Turkish automotive industry. He expressed his thoughts on the transformation that will take place in ARI 7 with the following: "We aim to reach an R & D project of approximately 500-600 million TL within 2-3 years with today's values. The Automotive and Mobility Thematic Complex will not be just an office space. At the same time, thanks to the Advanced Vehicle Technologies R & D Center, all companies in the thematic building will also be served. Here, especially in the development of various engines, tests such as vehicle powertrain test systems, and battery development with various electric vehicles.”

Future Dynamics of the Mobility Industry

Mine Özcan, Frost & Sullivan's Chief Operating Officer for Turkey, was one of the companies that provided consultancy services in the automotive sector. Ozcan, in presentation titled "Future Dynamics of the Motion Industry", provided important information about vehicle sharing systems, and worldwide use of the automotive industry’s integrated mobility systems. In her presentation explaining the emergence of new business models in the world’s automotive industry, Özcan emphasized that mobility solutions directly affect the automotive industry.

Vehicle sharing systems, the automotive industry and automotive integrated mobility systems worldwide.Turkcell Smart Places Product Team Manager Onur Turan, speaking at the panel entitled "Disrupters! Online Passengers of Vehicles" organized within the scope of the summit, said that with the 5th generation mobile technology (5G), the delay in sharing of mobile solutions used in intelligent vehicles will decrease. Turan summarized the impact these developments will have on the future: "5G technology, planned to arrive in 2020, will increase the internet speed we use in 4G by 100 times, and the delay will go down to 1 in 1000 milliseconds. This will provide us with great benefits in the context of the "connected car" in the automotive industry.