On our 244th Year, We Met at the ITU Day Alumni Breakfast
Apr 27, 2017

Traditional "ITU Day" events, which bring together ITU graduates and their families will be held this year on Sunday, May 14, 2017.The Traditional ITU Day, which will be held to honour the Technical University's 244th year, starts with the "Alumni Breakfast" as the campus is prepared to host many events throughout the day, including the "Kite Festival" and "Green Campus Tours".


The "Alumni Breakfast" organized within the scope of the traditional ITU Day program is aimed at raising the effect of alumni gatherings with a wide participation, demonstrating the richness of ITU as a well-established university that is progressing toward its 250th year.

In addition to our graduates who will receive their 40th, 50th, and 60th career anniversary ITU badges, we also invite all ITU members who wish to attend the "Alumni Breakfast" at the Ayazağa Campus. We are aiming to strengthen the interaction between ITU members of different ages and different positions by facilitating face-to-face interaction with our current members and alumni.

We are expecting to celebrate all of our partner alumni who meet at the "Love of the Technical University" event to celebrate our 244th birthday and to enjoy spring at the ITU Green Campus, believing that the most important mission of ITU Day is to stake a claim on the history of our university, our present and future.