Two Works from ITU to the Cameristi della Scala Orchestra
Apr 27, 2017

The Cameristi della Scala Orchestra, founded by world famous musicians gathered with a classical music audience at a concert given at the Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall on April 24th. The orchestra’s maestro, performing for the first time with a Turkish conductor, was Hakan Şensoy, an internationally renowned conductor, and a professor at the ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory (ITU TMDK). In the second part of the concert, our conductor was accompanied by violinists Derya Turkan and Hatice Doğan Sevinç who are also faculty members at our conservatory.

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The Cameristi della Scala Orchestra impressed the audience with its enchanting performance in a two-part concert. The first part included a solo performance by violinist Davide Alogna playing Luigi Boccherini's Re Minor Symphony Op.12 No.3, La casa del Diavolo, followed by Ottorino Respighi's La Minor Violin Concerto, P075 "all 'antica". After a 20 minute break, the second part of the concert continued with the world premiere of Münir Nurettin Beker's Double Concerto for Violin; the repertoire ended with the work of the famous Austrian composer Joseph Haydn's Mi Minor Symphony "La Lamentatione ".

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Conductor Hakan Şensoy: “We combined two approaches to playing the violin.”

Conductor Hakan Şensoy, who made a brief statement before the violin performance, described this concert as "reversing a page in history" for the first time in a double concerto written for two violins. Şensoy, who stated that many people from our university, particularly our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, supported the writing of these two concertos; he summarized the process with the following: “There is an ongoing friendly rivalry between the three-stringed violin and the four-stringed violinists. These concertos were written for both classic three-string and four-string violins. We combined the two senses by having a four-string violinist play a three string violin, thus we moved to reach an understanding that has been a century in the making. Our soloist, Hatice Sevinç Sevinç, turned this into a university project. "

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About the Cameristi della Scala Orchestra

Cameristi della Scala was founded in 1982 by the musicians of the famous La Scala (Teatro alla Scala) orchestra. The Orchestra was deemed worthy of the Isimbardi award in 2012 for its tours and concerts given in famous halls around, awarded for raising the international reputation of the city of Milan. The orchestra, which recently met with their fans at Carnige Hall in a two concert series, have given numerous concerts in other leading halls of the world such as the Warsaw Opera Theater, Tchaikovsky Hall and Buenos Aires Coliseum. To date, the orchestra has performed in many countries from the People's Republic of China to Spain, from Germany to Latvia, from France to Switzerland, from Scandinavian countries to Poland, Serbia and Turkey, reaching an audience of thousands over a vast geographical area.

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