Aviation Fans were at ITU Aviation Days
May 03, 2017

Those who know no boundaries in the sky, met at the 3rd ITU Aviation Days to talk about the developing aviation and space industries.

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The ITU Aviation Days, which has been combining aviation industry and amateur aviation for three years, aims to introduce aviation in all its aspects, to broaden the viewpoint of the participants in the sector, to attract those who are interested in aviation from experts in the field of necessary knowledge and experience, and to deliver aviation to a wider audience. Our young people who attend ITU Aviation Days every year, come together with the leading names in aviation, and meet with companies operating both nationally and internationally in this area. In turn, participating companies find the opportunity to introduce themselves to the new generation and meet with young people who will probably share the same workplaces in the near future.

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Zeynep Bodur: “Add empathy, creativity and curiosity to your work.”

On April 28th-29that our Ayazağa Campus, Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics Dean Prof. Dr. Metin Orhan Kaya addressed the audience who this year included important names such as Kale Group Chairman and CEO Zeynep Bodur. During the opening speech of the event, Dr. Kaya emphasized the importance of organizing ITU Aviation Days at the initiative of our students and stated that it is an important source of motivation for the cultivation of those who are devoted to aviation.

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The events’ other speaker, Kale Group President and CEO Zeynep Bodur, who gave some pointers on being successful, said that young people should add empathy skills, creative thinking skills and curiosity to every kind of work they do.