The Internet of Things Discussed at IoT Line Fair '17
May 16, 2017

The third IoT Line Fair, which considered Turkey's first IoT and smart products fair, was organized on April 30th by the ITU branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the ITU IEEE affiliated European Association of Electrical Engineering Students (EESTEC) Istanbul Local Committee.

iot_line-fair (2)

Throughout the day, the event featured an exhibition environment in which participants could explore the workings of IoT companies and start-ups, as well as lectures and presentations focusing on the internet of things and smart products. The IoT Line Fair also plays an important role as a wide-ranging platform that brings together the IoT Ecosystem of Turkey, where people can share their experiences with those who are interested in the internet of things.

The Internet of things was discussed by both large corporations and start-ups in all its dimensions and from a wide perspective; in addition to the perspectives that companies brought to the subject and their work in this filed, other topics on the table included digitalization, smart cities, smart products, smart industry, global-scale internet of things projects, corporate success stories, the role of start-ups, and the importance of the IoT Ecosystem.

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Following opening speeches by EESTEC Istanbul Local Committee Member Emir Ercan Ayar and fair coordinator, Doruk Gezici, other speakers that addressed students included Can Güleren of IoT Turkey, İlkay Öztürk Ata of Technology Platforms, Şamil Beden of IoT Ignite, Ozgur Gönen of SAP, Barış Cihan of Doguş Technology, Alper Gerçek of ASELSAN, Soner Dedeoğlu of Başakşehir Living Lab, and Muharrem Taç with presentation titled "IoT Ecosystems". The fair, which offered rich content in terms of workshops, featured a "Windows 10 IoT Core and Turt IoT LINE" workshop under the supervision of Microsoft MVP, Umut Erkal and a "CEYD-A Smart Assistant" session with CEYD-A company owner, Cenker Şişman.