Historical Measuring Instruments Exhibition Awaits Visitors
May 17, 2017

A special collection of nearly 100 historical measuring instruments dating back to 1684 is being exhibited at the Department of Geomatics Engineering.

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The exhibition of the collection, gained by the university with the support of Çalık Holding, opened on May 15th. The exhibition of measuring instruments dating back to the 17th century will be permanent and ready to welcome visitors in specially designed areas lining the corridors of our department.

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Our Vice Rector, Prof. Dr. Telem Gök Sadıkoğlu, who participated in the opening presented thanked everyone from the university who has contributed to the exhibition and also drew attention to the fact that the exhibited instruments have been carefully preserved for centuries. She stated that such activities and cooperation would grow and develop our university, which is celebrating its 244th year, even more. Following this talk, Faculty of Civil Engineering Prof. Dr. Ünal Aldemir addressed the participants stating that thanks to the exhibition, our faculty will host very important works and ensure lasting cooperation with the sponsor companies.

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Geomatics Engineering Department Chair, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yanalak, who spoke at the opening emphasized that the instruments displayed exhibited the progress that has been made in measuring today. Korhan Özbaysal, General Manager of GAP Construction of Çalık Holding, which supported the organization of the exhibition, was also present during the opening ceremony. Bearing in mind that they were happy to support such an important work, Özbaysal gave important clues about future careers to our students through a presentation in the Civil Engineering Faculty Conference Hall following the opening. After the event, there was also an opening for a seminar room prepared for students.

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Other academics who joined the opening the ceremony of this historically important exhibition were Prof. Dr. Şenol Ataoğlu and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zaide Duran.