Dual Awards for MIAM at the Donizetti Classical Music Awards
May 22, 2017

This year, our Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM) won two awards at the Donizetti Classic Music Awards, organized by Andante, one of the leading music magazines in our country.

donizetti-klasik-muzik-odulleri (2)

The Donizetti Classical Music Awards was organized for the seventh time this year by Andante, one of Turkey's longest running music publications, addressing music lovers for 15 years. MIAM stood out with two awards. MIAM-sponsored Rezonans Choir, under the direction of Burak Onur Erdem, who continues his Ph.D. education at MIAM, was selected as "Choir and Vocal Ensemble of the Year". Aydın Karlıbel, who completed his master's and doctoral studies at MIAM was awarded the "Microbe Gramophone Recording Award" for his Tales from the Orient album released on the Lila Music label. Album mixing and mastering operations were carried out by our faculty, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Can Karadoğan and Research Assistant, Ozan Sarıer in the MIAM studios.

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We congratulate ITU MIAM for their two awards at the Donizetti Classical Music Awards and those that make us proud at this university and we wish them continued success.