The Place to Learn Winning by Losing: ITU GINOVA Failure Week
May 22, 2017

Failure Week, organized by İTÜ Ginova, which fosters entrepreneurship at ITU, took place May 8-12.


Napoleon Bonaparte’s "I learned to succeed by failing" quote says that the road to success goes through mistakes and failures. From this point, Failure Week was launched with game days and a mistakes workshop which took place at the ITU Ginova offices and movie screenings at ITU Magnet with “I Went Belly up Nights” in order to show young people with bright ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, once again, that failures and mistakes made are all part of the road that leads to the target.


Within the scope of Failure Week, Game Day events, held on May 8-10th, saw participants competing to reach the specified targets by cooperating and in a limited time. Participants were tested for their teamwork ability and achievement by drawing conclusions from the mistakes made. At one of the most prominent events of Failure Week, Workshop: Mistakes 101, held on May 9th, ITU natives took part in an interactive and highly entertaining experience, based on a controlled mistake training model. Also in the event schedule, now an ITU Ginova classic, was the Entrepreneurial Cinema. On May 11th, participants in Failure Week gathered to watch the movie Whiplash, which combines the visual power of the cinema with the broad viewpoint of entrepreneurship.


On the last day of the five day event, it was time to talk about failures. At one of the most interesting events of the week, "I Went Belly up Nights", entrepreneurs who had set out with great hopes only to be faced with failure talked about the mistakes they had made and what they had learned from these mistakes with the ITU Magnet audience. The Fail Forward exhibition, open to visitors all week, presented inspiring life stories and stories of failures on the road to success. Among those who shared their own stories of failure using the Twitter hashtag #DONTBEAFRAIDTOMESSUP (#KORKMAÇUVALLA) , the most interesting anecdote was chosen for a surprise award.

You can find detailed information about ITU Ginova's events and the support that it provides for entrepreneurs here.