ITU Places in the URAP Architectural Area Rankings Top 100
May 23, 2017

The URAP Research Laboratories ranked ITU and METU among the top 100 universities from our country.

In the list of the University Ranking by Academic Performance laboratory prepared by the METU Informatics Institute, our university ranked 97th in the field of architecture, with Middle East Technical University (METU) ranking 100th in the same category. Thus, there were two universities from our country in the URAP top 100 rankings in the field of architecture.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca: “We are seeing the results of our academic moves.”

Sharing his thoughts about the ranking, our Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, stated that the international recognition of our influential academic cadre was behind our university's success in URAP. Our Rector indicated that universities around the world were increasingly becoming specialized and that ITU was also keeping up with this process in the best way. Our Rector concluded his words with: “We see the results of our academic decisions. We see the consequences of the serious academic moves we have made in the last 5-6 years, especially the investments we make in people.”

In his statement, URAP Coordinator, Dr. Ural Akbulut, noted that each year 20,000 universities are ranked in two categories, general and scientific, to help determine the strengths and weaknesses of the universities. Akbulut also stated that the main purpose of the ranking is to inform the public about the academic performances of the universities in Turkey and other countries. Noting that 2016-2017 field rankings are also carried out worldwide by organizations such as THE, QS, ARWU, NTU, and Leiden, Akbulut stated that, in their own ranking, data from InCites was used for reliable sources in articles and citations and that data obtained by questionnaires and similar methods were not evaluated.

URAP evaluation criteria and our university’s placement in the ranking

The URAP ranking takes into consideration the academic performance of the universities over the last five years, and critically recognizes the impact of the university’s articles and citations in the relevant field and the ratio of international business cooperation. This year in the rankings, CERN articles with 1000 or more authors were excluded. This year, as more universities from Turkey were evaluated compared to last year, the universities in Turkey have shown their success by placing in 25 out of 41 field rankings. Among these universities, the number of fields placed were as follows: ITU 14, METU 17, Gazi University 13, Hacettepe University 12, Istanbul University and Ankara University 10, Ege University 9, Bilkent University 8, Erciyes University 7, Dokuz Eylül University, and Atatürk University and Marmara University 6. In general, our universities reached the best performance in the field of architecture.

URAP's most successful countries

In URAP, the United States ranked the most successful in terms of academic performance on a country basis. US universities achieved significant success by placing first in the world for 17 out of 41 fields. The Netherlands, which has achieved remarkable success at URAP, has emerged as one of the two countries with at least one university in all 41 areas, along with the United States. In the rankings, there is at least one university in the field for 40 universities in Belgium, Australia, the UK and Canada, and 39 in Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

You can examine the URAP 2016-2017 world field based rankings in full detail here.