Fire Drill Conducted at the Rectorate
May 31, 2017

A fire drill was carried out at the Ayazağa Campus in order to be prepared for possible fires and to be able to see whether the measures taken are quickly implemented or not.

Regarding the issue, on April 25, at a meeting held at the Rectorate Senate Hall, the top management level of the rectorate consisting of the Rector, Vice Rectors, General Secretary, General Secretary Assistants, Department Heads and Branch Managers was informed about the evacuation, and in accordance with the decision taken, the date of the drill was determined. Following this, on May 16th, theoretical and practical orientation training was given to those who would take part in the drill, where they received the tools and equipment to be used in the exercise.

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Before the drill, members of the Rectorate Evacuation Commission composed of the ITU AFAD Coordinatorship and the ITU Center of Excellence for Disaster Management members interviewed our staff face to face and prepared a list of 34 personnel by evaluating their voluntarism, physical ability, and willingness to take on responsibility.

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On May 24th, at 11:30 am, the Rectorate Building Evacuation Drill was carried out in a smooth and successful manner. Following the preparation and training, all employees of the Rectorate building were evacuated in a short time of 2 minutes 30 seconds.