20 From ITU Among “100 Turks Shaping Science”
Jun 07, 2017

Business world and economy magazine, Turkishtime, in a book titled “100 Turks Shaping Science" published last month, named 20 scientists from our university.

The list was compiled using the h-index for evaluating research done by scientists working in natural sciences, with those having the highest h-index ranking among the top 100 Turkish scientists. The list which includes Nobel Prize winner Professor. Dr. Aziz Sancar, also features 20 other scientists whose education along their academic career path has passed through our university. Here are the scientists who have succeeded in making the list, their scores and their main research topics:


Topping the list with an h-index of 92 points, is Prof. Dr. Mehmet Toner, a graduate of the ITU Mechanical Engineering Department, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Mechanical Engineering. Our alumnus is known for his research on cancer treatment in the fields of nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Also leading the list with 84 points, is Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Dinçer, having received his doctorate degree from our university, is known for his research on thermodynamic systems, renewable energy systems, and hydrogen.

Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Yusuf Altıntaş is another name from ITU on the list. Drawing attention with an h-index score of 71, Dr. Altıntaş has a large number of articles on machining, and manufacturing and matlab (matrix laboratory).

Also finding a spot on the list is ITU Faculty of Mechanics graduate, Prof. Dr. Salim Çıracı, with an h-index score of 71, he is known for his work on nanomaterials, nanodevices, hydrogen storage, and chemical absorption theory.


Prof.Dr. Mahmut Taylan Kandemir, who completed his undergraduate and graduate education in our Computer Engineering Department, enters the ranking with an h-index of 58. Dr. Kandemir works on data storage, compilers, and computing architectures.

With an h-index of 39, Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate Prof.Dr. Çetin Kaya Koç does important research in the area of cryptography and is known for his work on e-signatures, cybersecurity and cryptographic hardware.

Prof. Dr. Nihat Berker, who carried out studies at our university in 1999-2005 and who is also a former faculty member of the Department of Physics Engineering is yet another name on the list. Dr. Berker, a famous physics professor with 38 points on the h-Index, conducts research in the fields of statistics, mechanics and phase transitions.

Also on the list with an h-index of 63, is our Chemistry Department faculty, Prof. Dr. Yusuf Yagci whose work focuses on photopolymerization and polymer chemistry.


Another scientist listed is Prof. Dr. Celal Sengör, with an h-Index 59. Şengör, a faculty member of the ITU Mining Faculty and the ITU Eurasian Institute of Earth Sciences, has drawn attention with his international achievements in earth sciences and tectonics.

Prof. Dr. Ali Erdemir, who has a master’s degree in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from our university, is known for his work on nanotechnology, and enters the list with 55 points.
Also a “100 Turks Shaping Science” member with an h-index of 54, is Industrial Engineering Department faculty, Prof. Dr. Cengiz Kahraman. Dr. Kahraman conducts research in the field of fuzzy logic as well as industrial engineering.

Faculty of Civil Engineering Emeritus Prof. Dr. Deep Orhon, having an h-index of 48, continues his academic career in environmental biotechnology.


Included in ranking with 46 h-index points, is ITU Chemistry Department Professor Emeritus, Dr. Özer Bekaroğlu who has conducted important studies on supramolecules, conductivity, electrochemical properties etc.

Entering the list with 45 h-index points, is our ITU Eurasia Earth Sciences Institute and Geological Engineering Department faculty, Prof. Dr. Aral Okay, who conducts research on regional geology and metamorphic petrology.

ITU Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Chemistry faculty, Prof. Dr. Oğuz Okay, with 45 h-index points, works on the physical chemistry of polymers, hydrogels, and microgels. Dr. Okay has published several articles.

Prof. Dr. Derviş Karaboğa works on artificial intelligence, information systems, algorithms and computation theory, and data mining, having received his master's degree at the ITU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Dr. Karaboğa's h-Index score is 41.


Professor Dr. Bahri Şahin, entering the “100 Turks Shaping Science” list with an h-index score of 39, obtained his master’s degree from our Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, and in 1985, completed his Ph.D. in the Nuclear Technology Program offered by the ITU Nuclear Energy Institute as a TUBITAK Honorary Scholarship fellow. Dr. Şahin has garnered attention for his research in the fields of thermodynamics, energy conversion, nuclear energy, and energy economy.

Professor of Chemistry Department faculty, Prof. Dr. Gürkan Hızal made the list with a 39 point h-index, for his successful work on the organic chemistry of polymers, polymer synthesis, and macromolecular engineering.

Professor Dr. Murat Uysal, having obtained his undergraduate and master’s degrees from the ITU Electronic and Communications Engineering Department, has 38 points in the h-index, and continues his scientific studies on wireless communication.

Another academic from our Department of Chemistry, Prof. Dr. Ümit Tunca has impressed with his work on polymer chemistry and finds himself on the list with 37 points in the h-Index.