ITU Rover Team Places in Two Categories at URC
Jun 19, 2017

The ITU Rover Team came in third in two categories with the Altınay Mars Explorer at the Inter-University Robotics Vehicle Competition held in the US.

The ITU Rover Team, competing for the first time, achieved significant success, ranking third in the Science Cache and the Autonomous Traversal missions during the final competition of the Interuniversity Robotic Vehicle Competition (URC). In the science category, our team was fourth with their Altinay Mars Explorer vehicle, which the students designed and produced.

rover 2

This year, 82 teams from 13 countries applied to the competition first held in 2007. Having surpassed many competitors including respected universities such as McGill, Michigan and Waterloo, the ITU Rover Team has thus been named among the top 13 teams representing 7 countries. The races were held in Utah, USA, nicknamed the "Mars Desert", with a surface similar to Mars, where trial runs for the next generation of vehicles to be used in space are carried out. The team from Missouri University placed first in the competition. The vehicle was developed by 22 students working with team spirit, from the Control and Automation, Electronics and Communication, Electrical, Aircraft, Space, Mechanical, Computer, and Geological Engineering departments, supervised by Department of Control and Automation faculty, Dr. Serkan Türkeli and Asst. Prof. Dr. Tufan Kumbasar.

Project consultant Dr. Serkan Turkeli stated that our team's participation in the URC races and proving themselves is a sign that we will be able to raise engineers who can compete with the world, if quality training is provided. Dr. Türkeli shared his thoughts with these words: "In order for quality production, we must train engineers at the level of the ITU Rover Team. It is a success to place in a competition that has been held for 13 years, but we have to make it a continuous aim."