Our ITUNOM Team Achieves Great Success in the US
Jun 28, 2017

Our ITUNOM Autonomous Aerial Vehicles Team placed fourth among the 54 teams that participated in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) competition held in the US.

The International Association of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (IAA) organized the 15th round of RTAs between students on June 14-17 at the Patuxent River Military Air Base. 54 organizations from 8 countries, including Turkey, the USA, Canada, Israel, India, and Poland, participated in the event, which is widely accepted as the world's most respected unmanned aerial vehicle competition among universities.


Our ITUNOM team, consisting of Computer Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering students, who participated in the competition, won the award in the Best Rotating Wing Vehicle category. ITUNOM, the second team to perform the required tasks in the best way, ranked fourth in the overall ranking.

About the ITUNOM Autonomous Aerial Vehicles Team

The ITUNOM Autonomous Aerial Vehicles Team, which was established in 2014 to develop autonomous flight technologies and represent Turkey in competitions related to these technologies, participates in many competitions on behalf of our university as an active team. The students in our team are also involved in the design and testing of autonomous flight technologies, image processing, long distance wireless networking technologies, embedded systems, and power electronic systems.

Our members, most of whom are second-year students, consist of the following names:

Mechanic Team Members:

Mehmet Can Şen – Aeronautics Eng.

Enes Uçar – Aeronautics Eng.

Autopilot and Avionics Team Members:

Ertuğrul Aksoy - Control and Automation Eng.

Melih Sabri Boz - Control and Automation Eng.

Oğuzhan Köse – Control and Automation Eng.

Image Processing Team Members:

Mutluhan Üzmez – Computer Eng. – Team Captain

Ali Eren Çelik – Computer Eng.

Network System and Communication Team Members:

Furkan Bağcı - Electronic and Communication Eng.

Resul Aydın – Electronic and Communication Eng.

Sertan Sezgin Kutlu – Electrical Eng.