Our Architecture Students Receive Design Award from London
Jul 12, 2017

Students from the ITU Architecture Department and Informatics in Architecture graduate students returned with a second place prize from the International Design Festival, FabFest 2017, organized by the Digital Fabrication Laboratory of Westminster University in London.

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More than 30 universities including from countries including Turkey, USA, China, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Austria, India, Denmark and Cyprus participated in the Westminster University Digital Fabrication Lab's traditional International Design Festival held in London. The Big Crunch project prepared by our university’s Architecture Department students was deemed worthy of the second prize at the festival, which had a Pop-up City theme.

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It describes an organism being born from its ashes

The project was supervised by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leman Figen Gül of the Faculty of Architecture, with a team comprised of Aycan Yılmaz, Çağlan Çelebi, İnanç Şencan, Ömer Can Bakan, led by team captain, Süheyla Müge Halıcı; the project follows a city that disappears after a major disaster, adapting and transforming state according to the growing situation just like a an organism coming to life from its own ashes.

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"We will continue to represent our university successfully"

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leman Figen Gül, of the Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture who supervised the project, articulated her happiness with the students’ success. Assoc. Prof. Leman Figen Gül, who indicated that this is the second time they are participating in the festival, stated the following: “Work was done using cardboard, which is a very difficult material to work with. We are very happy with the second place prize from this festival, which we are attending for the second time, this pavilion, where the design possibilities of the material were maximized, and in which there were nearly fifty participants. We worked for three months, especially the last one month which was intense. We want to represent our school in this newly emerging field by participating in similar competitions in upcoming years."

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As the ITU Family, we congratulate our Department of Architecture faculty and students who have successfully represented our university, and wish them continued success.