Democracy Victory of July 15th
Jul 14, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

It has been a year since our country was exposed to a coup attempt by Fethullah Terror Organization (FTO), on July 15th 2016, which was repulsed by our nation with heroic defense of democracy, leaving behind 249 martyrs and 2196 veterans. From the higher education perspective, 30% of martyrs and 24% of veterans are either college graduates or have post-graduates .

With a history going back 250 years, our university firmly believes that strong foundation of a democracy rests on the pillars of excellence in science and cutting-edge research. All around the world, the attempts to destruct the foundation of democracies by using the tools of physical-psychological violence in the age of knowledge, technology and innovation will only serve to nurture fear over freedom. As you may also agree this would impede the advancement of science and technology hence humanity.

With this in mind, we strongly believe in the role played by universities in maintaining peaceful and prosperous societies not only at a national but also at a global scale. Therefore, we adopt a high level of commitment to internationalization of higher education and research at ITU, where freedom of thought and speech always prevails. Being a pioneer through the ages, we embrace the ultimate goal of building an enlightened global environment with our global peers, for the advancement of science and technology.

Kind Regards,