Bisikletevi Opens at ITU
Jul 26, 2017

Istanbul Technical University continues to raise awareness about how important cycling is for health and fitness. For this purpose, Bisikletevi, established on campus to encourage the use of bicycles following the accelerated construction of the bicycle lanes, was officially opened with a ceremony.

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Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has turned the Ayazağa Campus into a 'cycling town' within the scope of the Green Campus Project. A new project to make the use of bicycles more widespread after the fast completion of bicycle paths has been bought to life. The "Bisikletevi", where all services, including bicycle sales and repair, will be presented together, went into service following the ceremony. The opening ceremony on campus was attended by our Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, Vice Rectors, Prof. Dr. Tayfun Kındap, and Prof. Dr. Telem Gök Sadıkoğlu, and Salcano Bicycle General Manager, Bayram Akgül, as well as faculty members and students.

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"Sport is a part of life"

Our Rector, Prof. Dr. Karaca, speaking at the ceremony, said that sport was a part of life, stating “ITU’s main motto is to make art and sports a part of life, besides education and research. In this respect we will be fulfilling an important function. It's an important start. We recommend it to other universities." Dr. Karaca said "in terms of climate change and ecological balance, we are all about creating a carbon-free campus” stating that students are trying to bike as much as possible on campus.

"An R&D center will be established"

Prof. Dr. Karaca continued his words with: "There is also the R&D side of the work. We also think about creating a new service sector for our students. The university and the company will form a small-scale R&D center, working on everything from material to mechanics, even gears and electronics. It will not only be the use of bicycles, but the repair and use, as well as R&D as a whole. "

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“This was a project based job”

Bayram Akgül, General Manager of Salcano Bicycle said that there is room to grow for the bicycle and bicycle sports sectors in Turkey, stating: "Opening the bicycle shop is not just about bicycle sales and service. We have carried out a project-based job here, aiming to establish the R&D center, the bicycle test laboratories, and to encourage people about bicycles and bike riding" Pointing out that the bicycle industry could become an important export market for Turkey, Akgül said that projects should be carried out that support localization and local production in the sector. Akgül emphasized that they wanted to support the scientific side and expressed that they are happy to be collaborating with ITU. Akgül stated "there are no bicycle testing laboratories in Turkey. This will lay the foundation for the first lab.”

The two-storey "Bisikletevi", where all services, including bicycle sales and repair, will be offered together, is located in the area between the open tennis courts and the parking area on the Ayazağa Campus. The entrance floor will be used as a repair workshop, the second floor will be the sales space, and special discount prices will be offered to ITU members. The ITU Ayazağa Campus is the only campus that offers 'all services for cycling' with the opening of the Bisikletevi.

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The importance of the bicycle sharing system

ITU Vice-Rector, Prof. Dr. Tayfun Kındap, responded to questions the students were curious about. Professor Dr. Kındap, said:

"Our main goal on campus is to implement the bicycle sharing system. We are continuing our infrastructure work for this. Our students or staff will be able to pick up bicycles from stations already set up and drop them off in other stations at their destination with their ITU cards. This will, of course, lead to ease of use and therefore become habitual. We will be forming our system by ourselves. It will take some time, but work on this has already begun. The opening of the bike repair workshop, the 'heart' of the bicycle town, was the most important step. The next step will be the bike sharing system.