"Three Dimensional Fashion" Agreement between ITU and CLO
Aug 09, 2017

Our Textile Technology and Design Faculty has signed an educational collaboration agreement with CLO Turkey Distributor Masterkey at the "Clo 3D Virtual Fashion" workshop.

The educational collaboration agreement between our Textile Technology and Design Faculty and Masterkey took effect after being signed by faculty dean Prof. Dr. Ömer Berk Berkalp and Masterkey company manager Bünyamin Yılmaz at our Gümüşsuyu campus.


The outlook on fashion will gain a different dimension

Under the agreement, Clo3d will be included in the ITU Fashion Design Department education program and Clo3d solutions will be available for use by students in our university laboratories. In this regard, students of the Fashion Design Department will have the opportunity to become familiar with Clo3d, a leading software in the 3D fashion and ready-to-wear clothing industry, as they enter the workforce. Students of FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology, New York), our university’s SUNY program, will also be able to benefit from Clo3d solutions during their education in ITU. With the opportunities offered by Clo3d's education, we will be taking our students a step closer to transforming their dreams into reality. With the 3D portfolios they will create with Clo3d, they will be one step ahead of other candidates in their job applications.

Prof. Dr. Berkalp: “We will continue to bring new technologies to our students.”

Prof. Dr. Ömer Berk Berkalp, who stated his views on the agreement reached with Masterkey thus "I would like to express my gratitude to ITU-FIT Fashion Design Program Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Cevza Candan and MasterKey General Manager, Bünyamin Yilmaz, for their contribution and support for bringing this education collaboration to life. We have been pleased with the decision to share your latest technologies with us and with our students, both in fashion design, in textile engineering programs, and in the development of the knowledge and skills of our program students. In this context, Clo3d emphasizes that our faculty is the right address to maintain educational policies and congratulate all the parties that have contributed to the education of young people.

About CLO 3D Virtual Fashion

CLO 3D is a 3D virtual fashion software that enables very realistic designs in the fashion and clothing industry. It reflects 95% of the characteristic features of the fabric such as casting, stretching, wrinkling, friction, hardness close to realism. Thanks to the physics engine running on the backplane, the visual and physical results of the designs are much more impressive and realistic compared to the old 2D CAD drawings, image processing, and graphic illustration programs. Thanks to 3D simulation, defects originating from fabric and molds can be minimized, unnecessary prototypes and manufacturing sample count can be reduced. Thus, manufacturers can save both in fabric costs and design team costs. It is possible to allocate more time and resources to the development of creative projects by avoiding the time lost in the production of unnecessary, defective samples. Clo3d continues its educational studies and collaborations with many distinguished universities and academic institutions in Europe, America and the Far East.