Our Students Will Raise the Quality of Life in Nigeria
Aug 15, 2017

The designs from our students in the Industrial Products Design Department will raise the standard of living in Nigeria within the framework of our collaboration with BSH Turkey.

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The projects that our students in the Department of Industrial Product Design are preparing for the 2016-2017 Summer Industrial Design II - III courses will present a new perspective for Africa. The conceptual framework of the program, which has been realized within the context of a collaboration between ITUOVA Technology Transfer Office (ITUNOVA TTO) and BSH Turkey, will be determined by Industrial Product Design Department faculty, Prof. Dr. Gülname Turan and Asst. Prof. Dr. Deniz Leblebici Başar.

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Designs that will make life in Nigeria easier

In the project entitled "Uplifting Community by Design in Emerging Countries", our students have designed user-oriented products to improve the quality of life in Nigeria. The first step in their work focused on the holistic and efficient use of water, food and available resources as a start to our students' research into geography, history, culture and daily life in Africa.

At the end of the ongoing research process, a seminar was presented by BSH on field surveys in Africa, whereupon our students in the Industrial Product Design Department concentrated on the problems they identified and formed research sub-groups.
Following this, a consultant group of engineers from BSH Nigeria convened at ITU ARI Teknokent for focus group discussions.

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Design support from BSH engineers for our students

Nigerian engineers answered our students' questions about everyday life in Africa and contributed to the design process of feasible products. In addition, during the semester, video conferences were held with BSH engineers on topics where students needed technical support from different disciplines. Nora Nabee Kraft, Director of Innovation at BSH Germany, visited the project studio during her last lesson and shared her comments on the projects.
Within the scope of this collaboration, BSH Turkey chose successful product designs and carried out the product development phase together with our students who own the designs.

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The purchasing process has started for two projects

Among our students, Hande Terzibaş's "Together", Mehmet Cihat Özel's "Iron", Gürkay Aydoğmuş's "Stoven" and Yahya Berke Çipli's "Fruit Basket" have passed the preselection process of BSH Turkey. Hande Terzibaş, who designed the "Together" project along with Mehmet Cihat Özel’s Basalt Iron project have applied to ITUNOVA TTO to start the purchasing process for these works.
BSH Turkey Innovation Team Leader, Dr. Güneş Damla Engindeniz and User Experience Expert, Hande Işık provided technical and conceptual support to the independent industrial product designers Seyman Çay and Meltem Maralcan Gülmen as well as the Department of Industrial Product Design research assistants Elif Küçüksayraç, Kübra Dolap, Seda Duman, Saniye Fışgın, and Ahmet Hamurcu, also took part in the project team. We hope that our students will pass the purchasing phase successfully in this important project where the designs that they have prepared will increase a country’s quality of life and, as the ITU Family, congratulate them for their efforts to add value to the world.