15th Istanbul Biennial Neighborhood Event: "Taşı-n-ma"
Sep 14, 2017

The exhibition titled "Taşı-n-ma", which brings together artists from different disciplines around the theme of "Portative", organized as one of the 15th Istanbul Biennial "Neighboring" events, can be visited at the ITU Taşkışla Campus between September 18th and October 20th, 2017.

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The Fine Arts Department of our university prepared the "Taşı-n-ma" exhibition as one of the 15th Istanbul Biennial neighboring events through a collaboration with the Nomadic Independent Artist Initiative. The exhibition brings artists from different disciplines together with an interpretation of the theme of "Portative". Portative means easy to carry, mobile, foldable, and portable.

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With a different meaning, it implies that there is the possibility of dismantling and setting up elsewhere. Leonardo moved the famous Mona Lisa painting around for more than 10 years and worked on it until his death. We can think of this as the first example of portable art by evaluating it in a portative category. Within the frame of the exhibition, artists act with a nomadic spirit and are flexible with respect to time and space. Thus, the definition of "Portative Art" emerges and this concept opens a new avenue for artists. This structure, which is created by necessities, is supported with new thoughts and brings with it various problems.

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The exhibit can ve visited until October 20

The exhibit features Aynur Karakaş, Başak Avcı, Çetin Pireci, Deniz Pireci, Dinçer Güngörür, Ferhan Gözgü Çelik, Fethi Çelik, Füruzan Şimşek, Gazi Sansoy, Hülya Küpçüoğlu, Hüseyin Rüstemoğlu, Maria Sezer & Nil İlkbaşaran, Nazan Azeri, Nermin Ülker, Oğuz Haşlakoğlu, Pınar Genç, Rubi Asa & Oya Araç, Serra Mübeccel Gültürk, and Tan Taşpolatoğlu. The exhibit can be visited at ITU Taşkışla between September 18 and October 20, 2017.

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