A Hidden Paradise in Maslak: The ITU Pond
Sep 15, 2017

The ITU Pond Project, which is one of the works that our university has carried out within the scope of the Green Campus project, has been completed. Very soon, the ITU Pond will be awaiting visitors who want to get away from the noise of the city and who want to take a break from their busy classes and just breathe.

Our university which not only provides a quality education but also many innovations and firsts with its Green Campus experience, continues to add countless new opportunities for its students every day. Within the scope of these studies, the ITU Pond is being redesigned. Reflecting the natural vegetation, diversity and experience of the Ayazağa Campus, with all its beauty, ITU is renewing the environment and its surroundings, giving students a pleasant area to relax. Within the framework of the ITU Pond Renovation Project, the pond and its surrounding paths which are located on a 20,000 meter-square area, are being rehabilitated. The pond surroundings will further be colored by endemic plant species. All tree species and plants in the landscape work are being determined by the climatic conditions of the region. With these studies, the ITU Pond will be a rare location where jogging, hiking, cycling, and nature sports can be done at the same time. With the mountain bike trail around the pond, the University will also host bicycle races.


Prof. Dr. Kındap: The first examples of engineering applications can be found at ITU

The ITU Pond, which has already become a frequent place for those who want to be one with nature, will be enriched with relaxation and walking areas. Our Vice Rector, Prof. Dr. Tayfun Kındap, provided information about the project. Prof. Dr. Kındap said:
"In the last 4 years, our campus has taken on a new look, as part of the Green Campus Project. We have prepared an environment where the ITU family can be one with the beauty of nature. These activities include bicycle roads and parks, unobstructed roads and pavement, landscape studies, street lighting, and sports fields. Now, we are about to complete the Pond Project that we have been working on for the last 3 years. In the Pond Project, one can see one of the best examples of engineering applications used to protect nature. The pond is a place where first rainwater is collected; then it became a place used to store water needed for irrigation on campus."

The Pond Project will be completed before the end of 2017

Our Vice Rector stated that the completion of the project was planned to be completed in 2017, and expressed his views on the project steps taken simultaneously as follows: "We are carrying out our conservation care plan at the same time as the hiking trails around the pond are formed. With the support of experts on the subject, the area will ve diversified with the appropriate plant cover for the city of Istanbul and the Marmara Region. Currently, rehabilitation studies are being carried out on pests which threaten the greenery, with support from the Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Forestry, Istanbul Regional Directorate of Forestry. Along with the endemic plants around the pond, you will be able to see a whole new kind of beauty on campus.”


A new living space is emerging on campus

Prof. Dr. Tayfun Kındap, who stated that the project will be completed by 2018, talked about what can be done around the pond:
"People at ITU can easily reach the pond by day or by night, either walking or by bicycle. They will have the privilege of taking a breather around the Pond by listening to music, doing sports, or listening to nature's sounds. Due to the convenient lighting of the surroundings, they will be able enjoy the unique view of the Pond at any time of day, delighting in the sight of the Pond’s natives, the ducks and assorted migratory birds. Students will have a new place where they can study in peace and chat with their friends."