The Wind of Traditional Chinese Music Wafts at ITU
Nov 22, 2017

The concert organized through a collaboration between the ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory (TMDK) and the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music took place at Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center on the evening of November 20, 2017 at the Ayazağa Central Campus. The concert was attended by our Vice-Rector, Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Aydın, as well as ITU TMDK Director, Prof. Adnan Koç, and Beijing Central Conservatory of Music Directors, Prof. Guo Shulan and Prof. Zhang Boyu in addition to many academics.

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The Beijing Central Music Conservatory, one of China's major music schools, organized the opening speech of the First Silk Road Music Education Treaty conference on May 5-7, 2017, aiming to revive the Silk Road one the greatest trade routes in history. Thus, the school aims to bring music instructors and conservatorial directors from a wide range of geographies, from the People's Republic of China to Central Asian countries and Europe. More than 70 scientists participated in the conference organized for this purpose by representatives of important music schools from 16 different countries along the Silk Road. Our Conservatory director, Prof. Adnan Koç attended as an invited guest from Turkey at the event where speakers talked about their musical accumulation in their own countries, the place of music in national cultures, and the features of folk music and traditional instruments. Following his speech, our director presented a traditional bağlama performance to the audience so that they could get to know it better.

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At the concert, which is one of the fruits borne of this collaboration, signed by the participating countries for the development of cultural spaces, with the motto "One string, one way", the traditional instruments and performances of the Chinese Music Group performances delighted the audience. The concert with the theme "Return to the Silk Road" was dedicated to the Silk Road, a trade route used throughout history, as well as ideas, beliefs, artistic content, and the wisdom of travelers following different cultural experiences. Yan Guowei, Liu Zhuojun, Feng Tianshi, Liu Xiaojing and Xu Xinyi, who performed examples of traditional Chinese music, garnered great applause for their performances from the concert audience.

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The concert concluded with a plaque presentation to Beijing Central Music Conservatory directors, Prof. Guo Shulan, Prof. Zhang Boyu, and the Chinese Music Group artists.