Rolls-Royce Meets with ITU Students
Dec 01, 2017

A seminar on aviation was given by Rolls-Royce Aviation Marketing Manager Scott Holland at the ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics (UUBF).

rolls-royce (1)

The seminar, which took place within the scope of the Rolls-Royce-ITU collaboration, Holland discussed Rolls-Royce technologies and engineering competencies, Rolls-Royce's gas turbine technology, and future technologies in the aviation industry with ITU students.

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The seminar took place at the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics TAV Conference Hall with UUBF Vice-Dean, Prof. Dr. Sevinç Sırdaş, Prof. Dr. Melike Nikbay, Prof. Dr. M. Adil Yükselen, Kiriş Gümüşel of Rolls Royce Turkey, as well as students in attendance.

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After providing detailed information on the future of thrust and engine technology, the seminar ended with the questions from the participants.