Automotive and Mobility Themed Technopark Construction Begins
Dec 04, 2017

ITU ARI Teknokent, is establishing a cluster structure that will become an attraction center for the next generation of transportation vehicles, especially electric vehicles

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ITU ARI Teknokent continues to be a significant contributor to the automotive sector. Arı 7 Automotive and Mobility Themed Technopark will also house the Advanced Vehicle Technologies and Power Systems Development Center. Mechatronics Laboratories in this center will include the Power Train Test Chamber, the Electric Motor Test Chamber, the Climatic Battery Test Chamber, and the Unmanned Air Vehicle Laboratory.

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The total area of Teknokent Arı 7 will be 40 thousand square meters. ITU has infrastructure units such as transformer field, generator area and storm water storage rooms and pump rooms for reuse in a defined area of approximately 1200 square meters to meet the needs of the projected building, which is compatible with the "Green Campus" approach. All of the surface water falling onto a total open area of 30 thousand square meters where the project is located will be collected and transferred to the Pond. Within the scope of the project, the position of the peripheral road was changed for a 920 meter-long stretch, infrastructure work related to bicycle routes and campus grounds were made, and lighting, signage, landscaping, forestation and transplantation studies were also prepared within this scope.

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