Istanbul Technical University Was at the Alumni Reunion Event in Turkey
Dec 05, 2017

Istanbul Technical University was part of the "Turkey Again: Alumni Meeting" event which was attended by thousands of people who were educated as part of the "Turkey Scholarship" program before returning to their countries.

Sponsored by the office of the President, Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), the Alumni Homecoming event in Istanbul brought together graduates who studied at various universities in Turkey. A large number of guests attended the event, including our Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering alumnus, Senior Engineer, and Prime Minister, Binali Yıldırım, and Advisor to the Rector, and Graduate Relations and Business Development Coordinator Hülya Dalgıç.


Those whose paths crossed through Turkey…

Also part of the program, was a documentary about the life of Turkish alumnus and former Prime Minister of Libya, Mohamed El Mangoush, whose work provided Turkish contractors with the opportunity to open their country's doors and do business for the first time abroad, leading to the Turkish contracting industry to be the second in the world.

Spread across 160 countries, there are about 150,000 graduates from Turkey

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, spoke with Turkey's oldest alumni in the hall honoring the 89-year-old Ali Çelebi of Lebanon. While there were only 8 universities in Turkey in 1960, today there are 185 Universities and Colleges remarked Prime Minister Yildirim, "Turkey has about 150 thousand graduates spread across 160 countries. This human capital growth shows how integrated Turkey is with neighbouring countries, and how the friendship bridges formed by Turkey is a remarkable example of the historical success of this establishment."

Lots of interest in the ITU booth

We also acted as a meeting place for ITU graduates at our booth in the foyer area. Visitors to the booth received information about ITU's current projects. Our University’s booth was visited by numerous guests throughout the day.