ITU Graduates Met at the Alumni Summit
Dec 22, 2017

The "ITU Alumni Summit" organized by our university for the first time this year was held in Ankara on December 21st, 2017 with the participation of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım in addition to many ministers, bureaucrats, and alumni from world of the business and art.

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Alumni from all over Turkey were brought together with over 130 thousand graduates participating in a virtual environment with the launch of the ITU Alumni Platform.

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım was the first name registered on the platform. The Summit started with the video show “ITU from A to Z”. Following the video, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, who graduated from our university’s Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department in 1977, gave a speech.

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Prime Minister Yıldırım: "ITU, makes major contributions to Turkey's development."

Yıldırım, noting that ITU, as a university with 244 years of history, has ruled in Turkey for the last 40 years, has produced politicians in the administration, and contributed to the development of the country in the fields of building, progress, and science and technology, stated: "As Turkey’s university (ITU) which boasts being the pride and prosperity of our country, and which I, too, am a member of, I am very excited to be together with my fellow alumni members."

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Prime Minister Yıldırım stated “we see the works of ITU Alumni everywhere in Turkey. When we look at the political history of Turkey since 1960, Demirel, Erbakan, Özal; these are memorable political figures of our history, especially recently, and they are all from ITU. Six ITU friends, along with myself, serve in the cabinet. ITU provides a major contribution to the growth of Turkey's development."

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Yıldırım stated that over the 244-year history of ITU, the university is not only recognized for its studies in technical matters but also in social areas of study. Yıldırım said, " The world-renowned position of our conservatory is known to everyone. Numerous names in the world of music, theater, and art have emerged from our conservatory.”

Our Rector, Prof. Dr. Karaca: We will be further strengthened with the support of our ITU graduates

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Our Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca shared information on ITU's successes and strategic goals in his presentation to guests invited to attend the event. Prof. Dr. Karaca stated that the concept of universities in the world has changed. Dr. Karaca pointed out that the only university that conforms to the definition of a third generation university in the world is ITU. Prof. Dr. Karaca stated: "We want to turn the infrastructure of the universities into Knowledge Economies. Academics have started to establish companies by seeing that information can also be commercialized. There are quite a lot of academics who set up companies in Technoparks (technological centres) on the way to becoming a third generation university. By world standards, we are among the top 100-200 universities globally. Finally, we placed 77th in the GreenMetric world ranking for being a green campus; we rank first in Turkey."

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ITU has a wide alumni network said Prof. Dr. Karaca "We have an excellent graduate portfolio. We are proud of them. We have successful graduates in different fields, especially in politics, the business world, the art world; we even have a graduate surgeon. We are launching the new ITU Alumni Platform. We are also starting to use special social media for graduates, which is a new trend in graduate relations," he said.

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At the end of the program, Binali Yıldırım became the first member of the ITU Alumni Platform. Our Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca presented Yıldırım with a Commemorative Album. The program ended with the presentation of the ITU Alumni Platform hat and a photograph of the moment, which has symbolized the launch of ITU Alumni Platform.

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About the ITU Alumni Platform

The ITU Alumni Platform ( is a socially interactive platform that will bring ITU graduates and students together on January 1, 2018; ITU is the first Turkish university to launch this platform. With the establishment of the ITU Alumni Platform, our university will include a platform used by 3 million people with 500 educational institutions around the world, including Oxford, UCLA, UCL and the University of Toronto. The Platform accepts subscriptions from LinkedIn, Facebook, or via e-mail.

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Platform members are provided with the opportunity to exchange business advice, and to see/participate in university activities. One of the goals for the ITU Alumni Summit will be to get the best platform launch award.

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