Engineers to Work on National Projects will be Trained at ITU
Dec 28, 2017

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics Dean, Prof. Dr. Metin Orhan Kaya stated that domestic and national projects would increase employment, especially in the defense industry.

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In the rapidly evolving defense industry in Turkey, the increase in local and national projects is very noticeable. It is expected that the rapid increase of the projects realized by Turkish engineers especially in the field of defense will have a positive impact on exports.

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Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics Dean, Prof. Dr. Metin Orhan Kaya stated that they played an important role in the aviation and space industry of our country stating, "We are working to train graduates who will benefit our country, especially the defense sector. We provide engineering education with world standards. We are involved in many projects. Thousands of engineers will work on the national combat plane that our country will be building.”

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Defense Industry Wind Tunnel from ITU

Describing vocational education in university education and giving students the opportunity to experience the laboratory, Prof. Dr. Kaya said "One of these laboratories is the Wind Tunnel, which simulates the state of the plane in the air called the Wind Tunnel. At ITU, there are 6 different tunnels that simulate speeds up to 5000 km/h. No other other institution besides us has this in Turkey. As ITU, we will share our academic knowledge with leading organizations in the sector. Soon we will sign a protocol with TAI.”

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Local UAV Projects

They are also contributing to Turkey’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) project said Prof. Dr. Kaya "we have undertaken the consultancy of the ANKA project. We made structural analyses of the vehicle named "KARAYEL" produced by Vestel. In addition to the projects developed for defense strategies, we have also developed projects that impact daily life. Our academics and student communities have domestic and national drone projects. They are benefiting from search and rescue work in natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires."

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"The first and only Turkish University that has an orbiting satellite”

Recalling that ITU has sent 4 cube satellites currently in orbit that are being used for various purposes, and that they are planning to send 2 more satellites, Prof. Dr. Kaya explained that ITU's Space Systems Design and Test Laboratory is better than many universities abroad. Professor Dr. Kaya said:

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"The defense industry will need a workforce of about 10 thousand in the coming period. I think that ITU’s qualified graduates will fill a significant gap by meeting this need. ITU's research university grants undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree graduates and our alumni undertake important tasks in the public and private sectors. 10 thousand engineers will work on the national combat plane to be made by our country. Many of these engineers will be trained at ITU."