"New Initiatives in Undergraduate Education" Workshop
Jan 02, 2018

The "Academic Orientation Workshop" organized by the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Engineering Education Excellence Center (ITU ME2M) took place between December 26-27, 2017.

Speaking at the opening of the second annual workshop held this year at the Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center on Ayazağa Campus of our university, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca stated the Center for Engineering Education Excellence, was of a ‘first’ quality for Turkey in the effort to search for newer and better academic education at ITU.

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"ITU's knowledge and potential, an opportunity for Turkey’s development"

Dr. Karaca pointed out that it is also important to act according to the dynamics of the country as well as to catch up with global developments, he continued as follows:

"To capture changes that will not only remain on paper, but be made it into a tool for successful results, the local and the global have to be synthesized properly. For the development of Turkey, I believe it is necessary for universities to undergo thematic development. As one university cannot train qualified people in all areas, moreover produce distinguished studies in all areas of academic development, it is inevitable that specialization occurs. This distinctive specialization should be chosen by taking into account academic traditions, available faculty, laboratories, research centers, and library assets. ITU’s assets and potential provides an opportunity for Turkey’s development. We are the ones who will assess the opportunities most accurately and efficiently. The issues that will be tackled, the results to be achieved, will lead to important decisions in drawing the road maps to success."

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"We organize the workshop with the aim of strengthening our understanding of contemporary and productive education"

Administrative coordinator of the workshop organizing committee, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gürşat Altun said that as a well-established university, they organize workshops with the aim of strengthening the understanding of contemporary and productive education with the awareness that the investment of knowledge rests with the people and that the knowledge is a human investment.

Dr. Altun continued his speech by conveying that the workshop was supported by conferences and workshop activities designed to include contributions from different disciplines such as psychology, educational sciences and technology, communication and academia:

"At this event, we aim to discuss new approaches to undergraduate education with expert speakers and executives, in this context we share our findings with you as educators of future engineers, architects, and artists, how to form our academic and undergraduate education in the near future and the vision with which we will train today's students as key players in this change. We aim in these workshops to build educational and instructional skills such as awareness-building, measurement and evaluation models, relationship and communication management, academic consultancy, academic collaboratıon, and directing human resources towards education technologies.

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"You will hear what changes are being made to engineering education at the workshop"

ITU Student Dean, Prof. Dr. Yilmaz Taptık drew attention to large efforts being made toward changes in the world of engineering education, stating that "the Engineering Education Center of Excellence in Turkey is the first such center but there are many other very good examples across the world. We arrived at our current conclusions by evaluating these other models. In the next two days of this workshop, you will hear what kind of changes are being made to engineering education."

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The workshop focused on educational and managerial workshops such as training technologies, measurement and assessment, teaching models, coaching based communication skills, conflict culture and management, academic collaboration and networking, academic consulting, and personal leadership.