Instantaneous Support Center for ITU members: ITU Yardım

Dec 2, 2016, 10:14

ITU Help provides our students, scholars, all personnel and young people studying with the aim of becoming ITU students the support they need at ITU as well as answers for their questions about ITU. If you cannot find an answer to your question after searching, you can create a help ticket on the website that welcomes you with a search box. ITU Help comprises 13 units of our university: IT Department, Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Administration and Financing Department, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Occupational Health and Safety Center, ITU Dormitories and Scholarship Office, ITU Personnel Housing Office, Registrar’s Office, Dean of Students Office, Card Processing Office, Personnel Office, Construction and Technical Works Office, Culture and Arts Office. These units provide answers for your questions and demands received via help tickets and also inform you about the issue. Users who are not ITU students, scholar or personnel can send a help ticket by providing their communication information via the system.

 While, the users receive answers shortly, our university obtains statistical data by classifying the questions on the basis of their properties and interests. Thus, “Frequently Asked Question” section of our website is updated according to the needs. You can Access ITU Help Internet website here.