ITU Giriş is on with its new features and display

Jul 21, 2016, 14:43
ITU Giriş portal that eases all ITU members’ lives has been put into service with its new features. The new design of ITU Giriş is not only appealing but also more functional after integrating with social media and e-Devlet. We asked the questions came to mind to IT department and received some important answers. Here are some clues from our IT Department about the features added and the infrastructure of the project:

1. Firstly, what are the changes in ITU Giriş?
1. The new ITU Giriş has become more secure since it employs service-oriented architecture. It has received more user-friendly, modern and flexible appearance with the help of schematic improvements. With the new design, integration to social media and e-Devlet has also been provided.

2. What are the benefits of new features of ITU Giriş for ITU users?
1. On the old ITU Giriş, the user passwords were sent to users’ cellphones from “I forgot my password” tab. The new infrastructure enables users to change their passwords directly.
2. Schematic improvements enable users to access ITU Giriş via different screen sizes.
3. With the help of integration to social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Google) and e-Devlet, ITU Giriş has become accessible without entering password.

3. What are the reasons for the changes about ITU Giriş?
1. The real reason for the changes is to enable ITU users to access ITU applications in a more secure and active manner.
2. Due to extensive use of social media, integration to these platforms will ease users’ lives.
3. As a result of Turkey’s increasing activities on digital platforms and wideuse of e-Devlet, ITU Giriş’s integration to e-Devlet was provided.

4. Do the changes about ITU Giriş include all the projects at ITU? If not, how long will it take to include?
1. Due to the Integration, social media and e-Devlet can be accessed through applications ITU/Portal, Ninova and Veti that were chosen as pilots. Once the possible problems are detected in piloted applications, they will be fixed as soon as possible and will become accessible through Student Affairs System and other projects. (

5. Can the changes about ITU Giriş pose a threat to security?
1. Since the main purpose of these new features is security, studies to fix the detected problems continue. Our goal is to provide a secure entry system. High-level security in terms of software is what we are trying to achieve.
2. If the users’ social media accounts are linked to ITU accounts, the users should control the devices their social media accounts are registered and accessible since ITU Giriş can also be accessed through those accounts. Thus, ITU IT department cannot be held responsible for the entries through social media accounts.

6. How can we control social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google) and e-Devlet entries on ITU Giriş?
1. It can be controlled via “Hesap Yönetimi” (account management) menu under “Kişisel” (Personal) category on ITU/Portal (

7. How can ITU users convey their suggestions to you?
1. Users can convey their suggestions to IT department through ITU/Yardım ( and ITU-IT social media accounts (,, and