Universal Face of ITU: ITU GLOBAL

Oct 26, 2016, 15:48
A new ITU unit named ITU Communications and Marketing Directorate, also called as “ITU GLOBAL”, has been established within the body of ITU Rectorate. The aim of the unit is to build international cooperation networks, enhance the existing cooperation relationships, and improve ITU’s global influence.

ITU GLOBAL also aims to build sustainable education and research cooperation with distinguished world universities and create new opportunities for ITU students and academics.

The services ITU GLOBAL is supposed to provide are as follows:
• Managing the protocol process in new international cooperations,
• Providing guidance to faculties, institutes, and centres on cooperation building,
• Determining with concerned units the strategic issues pertaining to existing cooperations and elaborating on them through a multifaceted approach,
• Observing in cooperation with the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) the compliance of international protocols with national legislations,
• Creating a database of past and current institutional relationships at international level.

The above mentioned procedures are of crucial significance to forestall the complexities that might be created by the protocols signed without notice of ITU GLOBAL. For this reason, it is important that ITU GLOBAL be informed of all issues pertaining to international cooperations.

International Office, located in the building of the Department of Student Affairs, will continue to be in charge of student exchange procedures other than Erasmus.

ITU GLOBAL contact information:

Merve Çalımlı: mcalimli@itu.edu.tr
Fatma Cansız: cansizfat@itu.edu.tr
ITU Rectorate: Floor 3, No: 325
Tel: 285 3074

ITU Global